Ragini Gets Her First Night With Lakshay! Swaragini 8th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the last night daily soap “Swaragini” it has been shown that Lakshya actually proposed Ragini, and after some Na Nukur Ragini accepted his proposal. Initially she was not able to giving reply to the Lakshay’s proposal as she was scared of her dad Shekhar and Dadi who rejected her relationship with the Lakshay.

Ragini Gets Her First Night With Lakshay! Swaragini 8th April 2016 Episode Written Update

But when Sanskaar, Sumi and Swara make Ragini undersatand that what is Lakshay means to her Ragini gives her nod in the Lakshays’ proposal and accepted it in order to marry him. So now in the presence of the Maheshwari’s family it is Ragini get married to Laksahy.

The entire Maheshwari family is very happy with this and now the Sujata Chachi says after the Griha Pravesh of the Ragini that now Swara and Ragini should bring kids in the house as the Maheshwari house is dying to hear the kids and babies noise. Swara and Ragini now blush but Sujata says to them it is your responsibility to bring kids in the house.

Pariniti hurts with the words of the Sujata as despite elder daughter in law of the house till Pariniti is not able to bring babies in the house. So now hurts Pariniti looks on Adarsh, Adarsh also looks on Aditi. Adarsh says Pariniti in an alone room that are you feeling bad for the Sujata Chachi’s words.

Meanwhile, Annapurna arrived there in the room to make Pariniti realised that how special she is for the Maheshwari family, Durga Shree Prasad and Annapurna herself. Pariniti and Adarsh looked on and Annapurna also says thanks to the Pariniti for doing all the responsibilities of the Maheshwari family. So now Annapurna suggested Pariniti to stay like the way she is.

Now Annapurna leaves and Pariniti goes emotional. Eventually now Adarsh hugs her and Pariniti too embraced him and weeps. In the wedding night of the Ragini and Laksahy, Ragini blushes seen Laksahy. Lakshay shares some romantic moments with Ragini and also Lakshay touches her in a romantic avatar.

“Jeene Laga Hoon Pahle Se Zyaada, Pahle Se Zyaada Tum Pe Marne Laga Hoon” plays, Ragini and Lakshay dance together and smiles together to share some romantic time with each other. Ragini is in cloud nine as after a long time she receives wedding night with Lakshay after getting married with him which Ragini was actually looking for from the long time.

Now Lakshay and Ragini will be cherish each other on their wedding night. Lakshya will promise to always love Ragini, and they will be seen lost in each other’s eyes and arms. Lakshay also promised Ragini that he will be never leaving Ragini’s hands. Ragini did the same.