Ragini & Laksh Know The Rajat Truth Now! Swaragini 3rd May 2016 Episode Written Update

Ragini & Laksh Know The Rajat Truth Now! Swaragini 3rd May 2016 Episode Written Update :- This episode has been begins with Rajat.He said some interesting facts about his past and present like his habit is to turn any game at any time and this time also until he marry with Utara.Then hot looking Pari is shocked to know his habit.Now Rajat come in scene and Rajat has told his goons to take care of her of Parineeta and he know that what he can do.

Swaragini episode

Swara is very tension about Parineeta and her father Rajat said that just relax and told his partners that took swara with parineeta he Says Parinneta can lose his life if you can’t managed with them.On other side Sumi gets emit and his husband Shekhar search some water for sumi,then Shekhar call the Durga Prasad and said that he cant come today.Sumi says don’t take tension for her she is fine but after some second some blooding came her mouth.

Her husband called his mother to phone a doctor for sumi checkup.After checking sumi health report Doctor said that she is the suffer from food poisoning and gives some medicines for sumi.After the break Swara and parineeta scene has been come and swara will think about pari.

Durga Prasad says lets begin the function. Rajat comes and says I lost twice in this big house. Utara smiles. Rajat says I forgot ring in the washroom, and says he is kidding. Everyone smiles. Swara is tensed. Shekhar is sitting at Sumi’s side. Durga Prasad calls him and asks why you have not come. Shekhar says Sumi is unwell and having headache. Ragini and Swara get tensed.