Ragini Shocked & Tensed Why ? Swaragini 25th January 2016 Written Updates

Ragini Shocked & Tensed Why ? Swaragini 25th January 2016 Written Updates :- The last week episode of the TV serial “Swaragini” starts with Maheshwari family coming to Shekhar’s house. They greet each other. Shekhar asks Sanskar to give the bouquet to Swara as he brought it for her.


Swaragini 25th January 2016 Written Updates

Laksh speaks to Ragini. Sujata worries and thinks she has to eat non vegetarian food. Now Dada ji arrived and says Sumi makes delicious Marwadi vegetarian food. Sujata is happy now. Now everyone starts discussing about Swara and Sanskar’s marriage.

Swara takes Annapurna and Sujata’s blessings. Sujata gives her Shagun gifts and blesses her for happy life. Meanwhile, Swara keep watching on Urvashi. Suddenly Urvashi said to Swara that it seems you are keeping an eye on me.

Sumi’s nose bleeding suddenly and calls her name. Swara and Ragini get concerned for her. Doctor comes and prescribes some medicine and asked Sumi to take rest. Suddenly Ragini scolds Swara and asked her to take care of Sumi.

It is also an evil tricked which played by Laksh against Ragini to take his property back from her. But Ragini don’t know about his trick. Next scene shows an astrologer arrived and she says to Ragini that huge happiness will be arriving in her life if she signs this paper.

Innocent Ragini sign this paper. Meanwhile, Swara get to know from a real astrologer that that when she will be marrying with Sanskar, another relationship from the Maheshwari family will be end.

Anyway, in tonight episode of “Swaragini” it will be shown that, Laksh will be insults’ Ragini from coming in their room. Ragini asks what wrong did I do Laksh…tell me.

Laksh says to Ragini, it is enough just go away from my life. Now Ragini has been shown shocked and tensed. To know what happen next don’t forget to catch “Swaragini” tonight at 9:30 PM!