Rajat’s fake parents threaten Swara and Sanskar! Swaragini 4th May 2016 Written Update

In the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” we saw that Rajat kidnapped Parineeta in reality and said that we will now tied Pareenita for a while, and till then, I will married with Uttara. Parineeta is shocked with this and Rajat keep, there 2 men, who are set eyes on the Pareenita.

Rajat's fake parents threaten Swara and Sanskar! Swaragini 4th May 2016 Written Update

Now we saw that Sharmishta falls down by drinking milk. Shekhar called the doctor and doctor told that she got poison in milk. But her baby is safe. Lakshay is shocked to hear so. Now Swara is looking and thinking how to get Pareenita out from the clutch of the Rajat as Rajat threatened them that he will be killing Pareenita.

Now Swara shares everything about Rajat and his evil plan with Ragini, Lakshay and Sanskar and everybody shocked to hear so. Ragini and Swara breakdown in tears and they also said to Lakshay and Sanskar that Rajat threatened that he will be posting all photos in the internet.

As Rajat, captured some intimates moment of the Uttara and now he blackmailing us that he will be ruin Uttara’s life as well the Maheshwri’s reputation. So Swara, Sanskar, Lakshay and Ragini joint hands and decides to expose Rajat, before his wedding will be taking place with Uttara.

As Swara said, we can’t let Uttara marry that evil person, so Swara and Sanskar decides to wonder in the Rajat’s house, in the sevent get up, in order to search something and till then, Ragini and Lakshay needs to keep busy Rajat in shopping.

So finally, Sanskar and Swara managed to enter in the fake parents house of the Rajat to search something and till now, they were managed to make them fool, on the other hand, Ragini and Lakshay kept Rajat busy in shopping but when Lakshay see Rajat is rush to go back home.

He just now break they ATM card of him and behave like that the card has been broken up and he needs to fetch the money from the home now. Rajat wanted to pay the bill but Lakshay said, no we need to do that and we will do that, as you are the Damad of the house.

Ragini sigh that meanwhile, Swara and Sanskar got little more time to finish their mission. But tonight in the TV series “Swaragini”, something will be happened, in which secret of the Snskar and Swara will be reveal in the front of the Rajat’s fake parents and they will be showing knife to Swara and Sanskar, in order to trap them.