Raman And Ruhaan argue! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2016 Written Updates

Mihika shows Ishita Pihu’s pic and says she is alike Ruhi everything is same in her. Both of them got emotional. Mihika calls Mani he behaves with her like a stranger but she says she is with Ishita. Mani and Aaliya rush to meet her.

Raman And Ruhaan argue! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th April 2016 Written Updates

Aadi and Mihir reach to Raman’s office, Aadi hugs Raman and expresses his concern to Raman. But Raman replies to him rudely. Aadi says if Ishita would be here she would never let Raman talk with him like this. After listening to Ishita’s name Raman slaps him.

Ishita asks Mihika to hide her truth. Mihika agrees but asks her to come on her marriage. Ishita got happy to know that and says finally you and Mihir are getting married. But Mihika told her that she is marrying to someone else, not Mihir and I’ll tell you whole story later. Ishita asks about both families Mihika hides about their situations and replies that everything is fine.

Ishita asks Mani to return back to Australia. Ishita recalls that someone carry her to the hospital while she was injured and asks about that person to a nurse.

Next morning, Raman arranges a bouquet and a card to give to that lady. He goes to meet Ishita but failed to meet her as he got a call from Nupur.

Mani goes to check if that person is Raman. Mihika insists on knowing why he is tensed? he tells everything to Mihika. Mani got a call from Nupur.

Ruhaan is in Mumbai and worried for both Ishita and Raman. Ruhaan is happy to know that Raman is fine and Ishita got shot during the hijack.

Aadi calls Mihika and asks her to go for shopping with him but she refuses as she is very busy. She also asks him to choose her wedding outfit according to his own taste.

Raman and Ruhaan talking about the contract. They argue. Raman compares him with Aadi and tells him about Aadi. He says we never agree upon the same thing. Ruhaan says you both never agrees upon a thing even in childhood.


Raman and Ruhaan discuss the shoot and Raman says you can work on any other project only after completing mine.