Raman gets angry on Romi! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” start with Pihu is saying that she wants to see the wedding pictures of her mom and dad. Mrs. Bhalla is worry as till now Shagun and Raman are not married and then how she can show their wedding picture to the Pihu. But somehow Mrs. Bhalla asked Shagun to show their old wedding album to the Pihu to give reply to her questions.

Raman gets angry on Romi! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Ishita prepared delicious South Indian dishes for Mani and Mani is surprised to see so. Ishita said she is very happy that now Mani is able to walk and that is why right now she is in the celebration mood and Mani liked the food and praise it. Now Ishita crack jokes with the Mani by saying what I will be getting from you.

Now Mani tried to kiss her hands as a gift and Aliya catches these glimpses and excited about it. But it is Ishita did not allow Mani to kiss her hands and all goes vain. Now Aliya who wants her Amma and Appa to get married insists Mani to propose her. So Aliya decides Mani and Ishita to have a candle light dinner and for that Aliya said she will organise everything and Mani gives his nod.

Now Aliya moves to her work towards Ruhaan and Ruhaan get to know this that today it is Mani will be proposing Ishita as till now Ishita and Mani are not married. Ruhaan became so angry and throw the medicine which the servant was asking him to have. Aaliya get scared as Tuhaan was screaming and Ruhaan humiliated Aaliya by saying that when you will come here you can’t speak about your personal life and asked her to leave. So Aliya feels bad and leave.

Anyway, in the Bhalla house Raman had a fighting with Madhu when Madhu asked the workers to compete her work right now. Raman scream as meanwhile, his shirt get dirty and when Shagun try to make him calm, even Raman scream at the Shagun. Shagun feels bad but consoles by the Mrs. Bhalla and now Shagun leave with Pihu for her school.

In the mean time, when Ishita comes back from her dispensary in the night shocked to see that it is her house is surrounded with candles, flowers, balloons and all that. Ishita find it nice surprised but wonder who did this. And is there any celebration today.

Ishita is thinking about it and suddenly Mani come there and joins her to propose her and Ishita is shocked to listen that it is Mani is in love with her as Ishita thinks about Mani that he is her a friend.