Ritik & Shivanya gets closer! Naagin 8th May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ritik & Shivanya gets closer! Naagin 8th May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The TV series ‘Naagin’ is going through strong melodrama these days and the TV drama is full of the twists and turns. Make sure you should miss any single episode of the show to witness something interesting. The last night episode of the TV series ‘Naagin’ started Ritik is found to be alive and Yamini is shocked to catch his glimpses. Still Yamini is unable to believe that she herself stabbed Rithvik, then how he is alive now.


Naagin 8th May 2016 Written updates

Now family is happy to that Ritik is alive but now Yamini enter in the Rithvik’s room with gun in order to kill him. On the other hand, Shivanaaya and Rithvik planned to expose Yamini now.

Now in order to confuse Yamini, Shivanya takes now Rithvik’s form and pretends to have a bath in his washroom. Yamini instantly shoots at him but when she opens the curtain; Yamini is shocked to see there is nothing there on the sight. Obviously, Shivanaaya took her Naagin form and hides from the site.

Sesha on the other hand confirms to Yamini that Ritik is dead now but the Naag Mani is still remaining missing. Sesha is now searching the Naag Mani. And rightn now, Rithvik is having the Naag Mani and Rithvik wants to handover the Naag Maani to the Sangram Singh, who is actually holder of the Naag Mani.

And Rithvik on the other hands wants to be Naag as he wants to be with Shivanaaya forever. But Sangram Singh is in no mood to take the Naag Mani as he thinks that the Shivanya is the sole heir of the Naag Mani.
And Sangram Singh, Shivanaaya and Rithvik want to show the greed of the Naag Mani to the Yamini and Shesha in order to expose them.

A lot of hits and misses sequences happen when Yamini to find out whether Rithvik is alive or dead. And Yamini is also shocked to see that, Guru Maa neither managed to have the Naag Mani neither, he is managing to capture Rithvik’s soul.

Suddenly, when Rithvik arrive, Rithvik is shocked to see that Yamini is start behaving weird, and she started singing “La La La Lori” and she starts behaving weird and she also claiming that Rithvik is a child. Rithvik is shocked to see so and he thinks to find out, what happen with Yamini.