Robbers Take Rs 2.3 Lakh From Delhi Bank Only in Rs 5, 10 Coins

Robbers Take Rs 2.3 Lakh From Delhi Bank Only in Rs 5, 10 Coins :- Three looters in Delhi purportedly stole lakhs of rupees from a bank however just in coins. The trio ransacked Syndicate Bank’s office in north Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar worth Rs 2.3 lakh in Rs 5 and 10 coins.

The three companions, who were legally binding representatives at a Delhi Transport Corporation transport stop, advised the police they had intended to flee with the coins because of dread of microchips in the notes which would set up their whereabouts. They were captured on Tuesday evening, 12 hours after they looted the bank, Hindustan Times revealed.

Police discovered coins of Rs 5 and Rs 10 of every 46 polythene sacks. “They said taking banknotes, particularly the Rs 2,000 notes, was not their arrangement at all as they trusted that notes could be followed through chips or GPS after demonetization. Along these lines, they chose to take every one of the coins rather,” a police official said.

Robbers Take Rs 2.3 Lakh From Delhi Bank

The three men joined the terminal a month and were acting as cleaners and vendors. They told the police that they had arranged the theft in the wake of watching wrongdoing spine chillers and heist films.

The trio entered the bank from a window by cutting the grille with gear accessible at the station. The following morning, a bank representative saw the window when he came to work. It was then the bank staff acknowledged there had been a break-in and all Rs 5 and Rs 10 coins were absent.

The police focused in on the transport terminal close to the bank as broken edges and a plier were left at the spot. The police associated the workmanship with circuit testers.

It was the CCTV film that helped the cops. In spite of the fact that they were veiled, one of the thieves had a “R” inked to his left side wrist. Police started scrutinizing the specialists at the transport station and searched for the tattoo.

The cops got Rahul, a 21-year-old transport cleaner, who had a comparable tattoo on his wrist. He drove them to his two accessories, Rahul and Anuj. Every one of them have a place with Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. “They were not able convey every one of the bundles containing the substantial coins. In this way, they shrouded a large portion of the coins under a void white sack and conveyed along just five parcels which contained generally Rs 10,000,” the officer stated, including a significant part of the Rs 10,000 was utilized by the suspects to purchase ganja and smack.