Rugged Cameras For All Your Needs

Rugged Cameras For All Your Needs : Are you a sports fanatic and enjoy sports like Base Jumping and Mountain-Bike Riding? If so then apart from the accessories you require for your passionate sport you must also have a rugged camera to capture all your cool moves that you make while performing those extraordinary stunts. Rugged cameras were basically made to serve this purpose only. Cameras intended for enthusiastic sports passionate people including base jumpers, mountain bikers and skateboarders have now become popular beyond the sports community and is now being preferred by common people in place of conventional recording devices to capture their daily moments. These cameras being light-weighted and compact have now gained a place in family for recording videos of small children which later become memorable moments for them.

Rugged Cameras For All Your Needs

As the market for these rugged cameras expand, companies are coming up with newly added features and improved camera functions. Sony recently upgraded the older product with a 4K cam.

Polaroid, has plugged in new durable mounts in the most inexpensive camera giving an indication of its eagerness of capturing the market front. On the other hand, GoPro which has been the category leader for six years by selling more than 13.7 million cameras, has come up with a faster processor and enhanced shooting speed increasing from existing 15 frames per second to 30 frames per second.

If you are frequently dropping things or if you adore to roam out in extreme temperatures or sandy beaches dusty atmospheres, one of these rugged cameras might be for you. Rugged models are shockproof; can operate in extreme temperatures, are sealed against dirt, dust, and water.

But it’s the waterproof capabilities that may be most helpful this summer as vacationers head to beaches, pools, boats and, for the more adventurous, under the waves to explore and photograph exotic flora and fauna.

Polaroid Cuberugged cam

It comes within an affordable price range of $100! Offering a max photo resolution of 6MP and 1920×1080 at 30fps video resolution with a storage capacity extending up to 32GB the device is a must have for any campers that like to click videos at just the push of a button. The battery life is amazingly 90 minutes.

Sony 4K Action Cam X1000v

rugged camera

The product lies in the $500 price range but provides a superb video resolution of 1920×1080 at 60 fps and comes with a 16GB Memory Stick(Micro). The max photo resolution it provides is 8.8 MP and 60 min long battery life. The product is best suited for home use where one doesn’t mind a fewer mounts but need a good video

GoPro Hero4 Black


The price range is around $500 but it provides a maximum video resolution of 3840*2160 with a speed rate of 30 frames per second. It has a good photo resolution with a max limit of 12MP and the storage capacity extends upto 64GB via MicroSD card. It has a superior battery life of 60 minutes.

The product is ideal for sports enthusiasts who require durability and an expansive mount collection.These three rugged cameras are the most suitable ones among all the ones available in the market and cover all the requirements ranging from bloggers to Mountain climbing or even Roadside camping. There’s an action camera for you.


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