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Salman Khan and his Family captured with Lulia Vantur at Airport

Salman Khan and his Family captured with Lulia Vantur at Airport : Salman Khan is a Bollywood famous actor and very much known about his love life. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the trailer for his new movie “Sultan.” Bollywood industry and all his fans are very keen to know about his marriage and his love life.



Salman is 50 years old, and he is still a bachelor. Salman is recently dating with her alleged girlfriend, Lulia vantur. Their relationship created a buzz all around that they both could marry. But Salman never commits or stated about his relationship.


Some days ago, their kissing photo was viral all around. Salman never kissed any girl in on-screen. Salman never revealed anything about his relationship with Lulia Vantur. Lulia Vantur is a foreigner who belongs from Romania. Yes, She is a Romanian television presenter and actress.


Latest news of Lulia and Salman is that they both could host a Hindi show “The farm along” and Salman started teaching her Hindi.
Both Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur spotted everywhere. Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur could be seen doing parties at his farmhouse.


Recently Salman and Lulia caught together at the airport. Salman came out of the airport and her alleged girlfriend caught Salman’s mom Salma’s hand.

This news is creating the buzz all around. The pictures are enough for the people to understand the future planning of the couples. They both could marry very soon, and this news will create the buzz in all Bollywood.

Bollywood Industry and his fans are eagerly waiting to see them in tying the knot. Lulia Vantur tried to accompany with Salma’s mom and sister. We all hope to see them as a perfect couple of Bollywood industry. Well, let’s see what happens whether Salman will make Lulia his bride or not?