Sandhya’s life is in Danger! Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th April 2016 Written Updates

Sandhya calls in the hospital to know about the ambulance. But she failed to prove herself. The commissioner calls inspector to check whether Arzoo is on his bed or not. Inspector found Arzoo at her place. The fake doctors inform Purushottam that his work is done. Sandhya proved wrong deemed to be gone mad in front of all the officers.

Sandhya's life is in Danger! Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th April 2016 Written Updates


The media reaches on the spot and capture Sandhya yelling to the commissioner and other officers. Suraj wakes up with worries for Sandhya and make a call to Sandhya but his call doesn’t answered by her.

An officer who is with Puru in his crime declares his assent about Sandhya’s mental state.

Next morning, Sandhya is in the mental asylum she continuously yells to leave her and call his husband but the doctor don’t set her free.

Some women of Hanumaan Gali asks about Sandhya’s mental state from Meena but she spoke to them awfully. Ved listens all and started crying then Chotu calm him down.

The media reaches outside the Rathi House asks Bhabo and Babasa, Is that true Sandhya has lost his mental state. Bhabho and Babasa get shocked.

Maasa gets shocked after seeing Emiley in Poorvi’s saree. Soon Om enters to the house, he shows his anger on Emiley and leave saying never touch any of the thing of Poorvi again.

Suketu (that officer) reaches to the hospital and calls Puru and says he has done what he was asked to do. He enjoys the News by writing ‘Pagal’ on Sandhya’s photo and ‘Terrorist’ on Arooz’s photo.

Suraj rushes to the hospital to meet Sandhya. But he was not allowed to meet her. The commissioner says Sandhya has an huge impact from her past and she needs to get treated. Suraj disagrees and ask for permission to meet Sandhya.

Sandhya tells everything to Suraj and try to make him convinced with truth. Sandhya ask Suraj to be with her on each step Suraj so give his assent thereto.

Puru also reaches to the place and Suraj ask to get his wife treated. Puru gets their plan and thinks to fail their every tries.

In the next episode, Arzoo gets up from comma and is in front of Puru. He says Sandhya is the reason of  her state and he gives her a revolver in her hand and ask her to finish Sandhya.