Sanjay and Dhara argue! Tamanna 13th April 2016 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara is smiling and hearing Sameer’s conversation with Deepak. Sameer says Bau ji used to make this gloves with his hands, so he wants his Bau ji to make wear the gloves. Now he said that he wants to give the glove to his dad and says that he was very unhappy to see that his dad passes away and thinks that he do not want to happen the same again with anyone.

Sanjay and Dhara argue! Tamanna 13th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Dhara talks to Shubhangi’s teacher and asks her progress. The teacher praised Shubangi by saying she is the good girl, good in study and in dance and music too. Now Shubhangi is being friends with the Muslim kids and she stands with them but teacher asked her to stand apart from them and Shubhangi asked why I can’t stand with my Muslim friends.

As it is the innocent Shivangi is right not aware of these things and she asked innocent question to the teacher. The teachers argue in staffroom. Baig talks to them. Dhara comes and says that the kids need to play now. She asks for newspaper read the sports page. He says take it, we don’t see sports page. The table falls down and they say that the school is very old, the building may fall anytime, there is no power, Dhara’s job is right now to save the kids who are there in the school.

Now Baig hears Azaan and says so it is now my time for the Namaz. He leaves. Dhara reads cricket updates. She tells them that parents leave children on teachers’ beliefs and the teachers leave their children’s on the lord beliefs. We everybody need to support our kids for their better life.

Mishra asks the guys to take training, save respect today. The guy says we lost the ball. The ball falls and the handicapped guy comes. He picks ball became happy to see Dhara there and compliment her. Now the handicapped guy gives the ball. And when Dhara asked from he haves the ball, he says he got it from Aamir.

Now Dhara throws ball to Mishra and asks the guys to start bowling, I m not out yet. The players are very impressed with Dhara and make her captain for the empire. But Dhara says that I m sports teacher, not captain.