Sanskar Set A Romantic Date For Swara! Swaragini 21st April 2016 Episode Written Update

Sanskar Set A Romantic Date For Swara! Swaragini 21st April 2016 Episode Written Update :- The last episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with Annapurna asking Parineeta to keep quiet. Parineeta still behaves very badly with Annapurna and asked to her that in the Maheshawri house nobody say anything to Swara but me, I need to follow all the rules. This is something amazing is not. Annapurna looked on her and leaved angrily.

Swaragini Episode Written Update

Ragini asks Swara what happened. Swara said to Ragini that Sanskar is looking for the bangles which he gives me as gift but the bangles is disappear and Sanskar thinks that it has been stolen. But actually, Simar narrates the story to the Ragini that when she was on her way to reach Kaali Baadi, she compel to give her bangles to the goons.

It was goons who thoughts that it is Chandra Mani stone is something precious stone and they were about to snatch this from me, but I pledge to the goons that please this stone to me and take my bangles instead. As I need to perish this stone as unless Simar and her total Bharadwaj family will be reveal.

That is why, Sanskar is angry with me and he accidentally hit me. Ragini said whatever happened in this there were mistake of the Sanskar as Sanskar should not behave like this too you. But still I want you and Sanskar to patch up.

Lakshay said that Sanskar deserve forgiveness from Swara but Ragini said that in this there is mistake of Sanskar as he hit Swara and he should not do this and still if you would like to support your brother, you can do.

Now Sanskar left home in the anger. Ragini asks Lakshay where is Sanskar is. Suddenly a phone come in the Maheshwari house and said that Sanskar meet with an accident and Swara rush to him and asked to the shopkeeper where is the accident victim is.

Now Swara turn back and see that Sanskar is standing and smiling. Swara run towards him and starts beating him as well hug him. Lakshay said in his funny tone that against they are fighting. Ragini said this is their love for each other. Swara now hugs Sanskar and Ragini and Lakshay smile.