Sanskar To Marry Swara : “Swaragini” 18th January 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sanskar To Marry Swara : “Swaragini” 18th January 2016 Written Updates Episode :- In the TV serial “Swaragini” it is all set that Sanskar is yet to marry Swara and the preparations for marriage is going on in the Maheshwari family and the Goradia family. So for the marriage Sanskar is ready to take Swara in a romantic date and he is decides to propose Swara for marriage in his epic romantic Andaz. It will be shown that Swara is overwhelmed to have such a responses and proposal from Sanskar.

Sanskar To Marry Swara

Swaragini 18th January 2016 Written Updates

In the last week episode of “Swaragini” it is shown that, Kavita realized that now Sanskar is in love with Swara, in the past Sanskar was in love with Kavita. Despite being Kavita is the first love of Sanskar still Sanskar is in love with Swara. After knowing this Kavita decides to sacrifices her love for Sanskar and she wants Sanskar and Swara to be together.

Meanwhile, Kavita arrives in the house of Sanskar and she says that she is ready to go from Sanskar’s life. Ragini try to explain to Kavita that she should not go from Sanskar’s life as, Sanskar is her first love. But about this Kavita replied to Ragini that I know you don’t like Swara but this is my decision to go from Swara and Sanskar’s life and let them live their life.

Love can’t be achieved by force in fact we have to get love by giving love to the people. Ragini is shocked with Kavita’s statement as she tried to snatch Lakshay’s love. Kavita wish them best to Swara and Sanskar and hides her pain from Sanskar.

Kavita said from now onwards she and Sanskar will be friends. Next scene showcased that the entire Maheshwari family arrives to the Goradiya house and Annapurna says that she wants Swara and Sanskar to be marriage again as they love each other from the core of heart.

They are also happy as Lakshay is also accepted Ragini and their relationship became the pleasant one. The both families are very happy to get Sanskar and Sawara married and for this their engagement has been fixed for the evening. Eventually, Sanskar decides to go in date with Swara and they will be coming in the time of the engagement.

In tonight episode it will be shown that in “Swaragini”, “ Sanskaar will be propose Swara in rocking style, he will be there in a romantic place with Swara, and they will be gets a helicopter which will be literally showering rose petals on Swara when she reciprocates her love feelings to the Sanskar’s proposal.