Sarla kicks Nikhil with her leg! Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” begins with Pragya is telling to Tanu that her plan has failed, but she has another trick. Tanu thinks Aaliya is right and right now Pragya is in mission to reveal me. Abhi is shocked to see that Tanu is having tensions for something, so it is Tanu’s behaviour towards Abhi gets weird.

Sarla kicks Nikhil with her leg! Kumkum Bhagya 7th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

So Abhi feels something problem Tanu is facing so he rush towards Pragya to know the trick in which she can make the Tanu’s mood the pleasant one as Abhi thinks being an woman Pragya will be understanding Tanu better than me. So he request Pragya to rush to the Tanu’s room.

Now Pragya did so to find out that Tanu is having some pain of being her pregnancy and she is also having some awkward feelings and Tanu was taking sip of water. Tanu gets fumes in anger when she saw that Abhi brings Pragya in her room and Tanu tired to fight with the Pragya but Pragya did not fight and said that she need to move in some fresh air as in the Pregnancy woman want to have some changes by going outside.

Tanu gives nod to the Pragya’s word and says she is also looking forward to go outside as she needs right now a break. Pragya sigh as Tanu leaves the Mehra house as now she can fix meeting with Nikhil for showing him some greed as she wants Nikhil to make him do the confession. Now Pragya planned everything with the Purab.

Tanu and Abhi now go to the Kulfi parlour to have some Kulfi and Abhi recalled his sweet memory with his Foogy while doing the change and thinks that why he is thinking about Fugy. Meanwhile, Pragya planned her next step with the Purab now to make Nikhil to do his confession.

Now in the road as per it is pre planned of the of the Aliya and Tanu a sudden car attacked Tanu in order to hit her but Aliya arrived there in the mean time in process to save Tanu and now Abhi sigh to see that Tanu is saved now to find out that Tanu has been saved by no one else his younger sister Aliya whom Abhi drive out from the Mehra house after being humiliated.

Now Tanu said to Abhi that Aliya must come in the house, Abhi didn’t give his nod but Tanu emotionally blackmails Abhi by saying that Aaliya must come to the house it is because of her I am and our baby is alive today. Abhi looked on and give his nods.