Semi Finale Bigg Boss 9 16th January 2016 Episode Written Updates Priya Gets Evicted

Semi Finale Bigg Boss 9 16th January 2016 Episode Written Updates Priya Gets Evicted : Now just one week left for the grand finale of the controversial show “Bigg Boss 9”, to have in which the housemates are being introduced with many shocks and surprises. This week, we already watched how Imam Siddiqui ruined the peace of the contestants, although it was funny. Now tonight the housemates will witness some more fun and entertainment in this weekend.

Prince, Mandana, Keith, Rishabh and Rochelle goes to grand finale of bigg boss 9.

Semi Finale Bigg Boss 9 16th January 2016 Episode Written Updates Priya Gets Evicted

Bigg Boss 9 16th January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Tonight the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar will be there in the Salman Khan’s show and he will be there for the promotion of his upcoming film “Airlift”. As per report, the movie actor will be making a grand entry in chopper, which has been shot at the Ambe Valley in Lonavala. Akshay will be making enter in the house with his grand and unique style.

Akshay who is known for his amazing acting skills and stunts will be coming in the house via a rope. The housemates will be overwhelmed to have him on the board. Akshay regularly arrive in the show for movie promotion and no wonder in this season too.

Watch>>>>Prince to win bigg boss 9 final

The leading woman Nimrat Kaur will be also joining him. Meanwhile, the one of the participant from these nominated people in the house “BB” need to leave the show tonight or tomorrow.

Akshay’s entry will be made by him via confession room of the “Bigg Boss 9” house in which in the background much popular “Socha Na Tha” music will be played. Eventually he will be arriving in the living room with his co-star Nimrat Kaur. Akshay will be now announced the entire housemates to arrive in the garden area.

He will be introduced a new Task called “Rescue Mission”, all men in the house have to save the 3 ladies who will be tied with handcuffs and ropes. In order to save the ladies the men have to go via facing lots of hindrances’. In end Akki will be chose the winner. Akki showered the housemates with best wishes’.

Many speculations going on about this and the final name will be revealing by the anchor Salman Khan. So final nod is yet to given by the actor turn host. But as per report the audiences gives some of their opinion about this.

Firstly the public wants Rochelle to leave the show. Rochelle’s chemistry with Keith is not well appreciated these days as public thinks Keith is honest and Rochelle is fake. By the way, Keith and Rochelle’s chemistry get eye balls. But probably this week the love birds have to be separated.

Second least popular participant of the show is Mandana Karimi whom an audience wants to leave the show tonight as she is not entertaining. Audiences misses entertainment with her arrival. Rishabh and Priya are the most entertaining participant of the show “Bigg Boss 9” this season.

Semi Finale result : Priya gets evicted today from bb9 house.

These two participants popularity indicate that they will be having a tough competition as their popularity are the same.