Sesha Tortures Gurudev! Naagin 1st May 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sesha Tortures Gurudev! Naagin 1st May 2016 Written Updates Episode :- In the last night episode of the TV series “Naagin” we saw that Yamini and Shresha planned to kill Ankush Raheja. Shivanya also kidnapped him and hang him in the tall tree from the backside, where eventually Sresha arrived and she killed Ankush Raheja and Sresha watched her killing him and Shivanaaya is shocked to see so.


Naagin 1st May 2016 Written Updates Episode

Now Shivanya was asking Ankush that you can’t die like this, you need to reveal the secret. Now Yamini come there and started crying that the Naagin killed him. Rithik also thougt that Shivanaaya is killed his dad and Rithik alleged Shivanaaya for the same. So now Shivanya disappeared from there. Shivanya came at home. Rithik also drive her away from the house, asked her not to show her face. Shivanya moved from there. And now Rithik burns all the belongings of the Shivanaaya.

Yamini did a drama with Shresha and Shresha now pretend to kill Yamini and she come there in the form of Shivanaaya. Now Yamini said that, you should kill Shivanaaya unless Shivanaaya will be killing her whole Raheja family.

In today’s episode of “Naagin” it will be shown that Shivanaaya and Rithvik will be talking with each other and Rithvik will be seen doing promise to Shivanaaya that they are going to meet in their next birth. As Shivanaaya will be seen doing promise to Rithvik that they are having life because of the each other.

And last night we already saw that Shivanaaya had been founds the Naag Maani. In the tonight episode Yamini will be shocked to see that the Naag Maani is missing and Guru Maa will be saying that Shivanaaya took the Naag Maani as she comes here by changing her form. So yamini now decides to bury Shivanaaya alive and she discussed the same with the Sresha and Guru Maa.

Sresha will be also became more powerful eventually and she will be showing her evil face, in order to kill the Guru Dev and she will be killing her and now all set to she is support Yamini to accomplished the evil mission she is having.