Shah Rukh khan Showed that He Loves India & No Patriot Greater Than Him

Shah Rukh khan Showed that He Loves India & No Patriot Greater Than Him :- Shahrukh as always seen in saying something about nationality and patriotism as so many peoples and political parties commenting on them on social media or in media that he do not love India cause sometimes Shahrukh said something wrong on about nationality


Shahrukh said that he feels very bad the questioned arise about his nationality as Shahrukh said that no patriot bigger than him in this country.

Shahrukh said in a news show that how can he forget that his father was a young freedom fighter and even this country gives him everything. He said that he would tell every single person in this country to work hard and their is no intolerance here.

Shahrukh said that we live in the best countries in the world a very beautiful country and we need to move forward and think forward from the topic of intolerance.

Shahrukh clears everyone that India is the safest country and he feels like crying when anyone called him a anti-national or if any political parties said that he is not a patriot. Shahrukh also said that his wife is  Hindu and his three children Aryan,Abraham and Suhana follow three religions and how can he thinks something bad about this country.

At last he said that he will not repeat again that no patriot is bigger than him in this country. This country gives him everything and he just wish and wants that more and more people watch his films and stay happy all time.