Shekhar slaps Laksh! Swaragini 6th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with the Tanya decides to seek revenge from the Maheshwari family for being ruined her life. It is Kavya had been faced so many hindrances in the path of her mission to destroy the Maheshwaris but still Kavya decides to do so.

Shekhar slaps Laksh! Swaragini 6th April 2016 Episode Written Update

So now Kavya is seems ready to face the 2 powerful brides of the Maheshwari family, Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) in mission of her aim. We all saw, how Swara and Ragini together fought to save the Maheshwari family from Kavya. The Kavya made the Maheshwari family had got arrested because of her fake death report!

But it is Swara and Ragini had been planned fake death of the Lakshay (Namish Taneja) in order to bring the truth of the Kavya aka Tania in the front of the police with the support of the police and by which finally the police arrested Kavya as Kavya’s truth has been comes out but it is Kavya again take vow to ruin the Maheshawri family and the Swara and Ragini finally.

However, in the mean time it is Kavya aka Tania’s escaped from the police and her brother Kartik got arrested. Kavya rush from the Kolkata in order to starts a new life of her with the mission of the Laksahy’s destruction.
In the last night episode of the “Swaragini” we saw how the Maheshwari and Gadodia families meet to celebrate Holi. Although Shekar is angry at Lakshay, as it is Lakshay arrived in the Goradiya house to celebrate Holi with Ragini. Shekhar is still angry with Lakshay but he due to arrived in the Maheshwari family, for the sake of Swara and Sanskar marital relationship.

Now Lakshya tries to apologise to Shekar for slapping and misbehaving with Ragini in the past, but Shekar doesn’t even listen to him. Lakshya get disappointed and hurts. He also decides to do not participating in the Holika Dahan with his family, as he is having a feelings of the being guilty. Now Kavya comes in the house in a get up of an old lady, and gives Aarti to the family. She also asks Lakshya to take Aarti and she mix some chemical in the Aarti in order to make Lakshay faint.

Suddenly Ragini saw her and became being sceptical about the old lady as well Ragini doubted on her and started following her to witnessed that the old lady has been kidnapped Lakshay by which it is Ragini being guess it right that she is the Kavya aka Tania definitely not an old woman.

Ragini follows them and informs Swara and Sanskar about it and meanwhile, when Lakshay realised that he has been kidnapped, he tries to escape now by hitting Kavya but all goes in vain as Kavya hit Lakshay to make him unconscious!!!