Shivanya See Yamini Shoot Sangram Singh! Naagin 16th April 2016 Written Updates

Shivanya See Yamini Shoot Sangram Singh! Naagin 16th April 2016 Written Updates :- The last week episode of the horror TV series “Naagin” started with Yamini is telling to the Sesha (in Shivanya’s form) that she married Rithik unwillingly last time but this time she will be marry him on her own choice and Yamini also said to emotionally blackmail her as she said that this time Yamini herself will be doing the Kanyaadaan of the Sesha. Yamini thinks that if Rithvik will be married to the Shesha automatically her relationship with Shivanaaya will be break.


But Rithvik has to stop the marriage Pheraas with Shesha aka Shivanaaya as police said that it is Ankush Raheja is in the police station as he has been arrested because of the eve teasing. Shivanaaya is shocked to know that it is Shesha falls in love with Rithvik and wants to prevent the wedding now. But Shesha is in no mood to call of his marriage with Rithvik.

Shivanaaya said to the Shesha that I will be dealing with you later, but right now I have to deal with Yamini. Now Rithvik rush to the police station to meet with Ankush Rajeha and to make him free from the cell. Shesha herself is thinks pitty on herself as she thinks that how can she marry her sister Shivanaaya’s husband but due to Shivanaaya scolded her that she is as marrying to Rithvik. Shesha fumes on anger but Shivanaaya patch up with her, that they are sister and seek to take revenge from the Raheja’s for killing their parents.

Rithvik makes free Ankush Raheja and now they comeback in their house. Yamini is in mission to seek the Naag Mani and she is seeking Guru Maa’s help to do the same. Now they come in the temple and Guru Maa said to the Yamini that Naagins are powerful but she is more powerful than her. Sangram Singh try to speak with Rithvik, but all goes in vain as Rithvik did not see him.

Now Guru Maa narrates the past history to the Yamini and she get to know it by doing black magic that it is actually Sangram Singh kept the Naag Mani in the Haveli by discussing with the Shesh Naag and Yamini thinks herself fool that Naag Mani was in the Haveli and she did not knew this.

It is also get to know by Shivanaaya that it is not Sangram Singh is the fifth killer of the Shivanaaya’s parents, it is in fact Yamini is the fifth killer and Shivanaaya shares this news with Shesha. Shesha said that we need to seek revenge from the Raheja family now. Shivanaaya gives her nod now.