Sid stabs Simar! Sasural Simar Ka 13th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Sasural Simar Ka” starts with it is showing that the entire Bharadwaj family is crying over the Rolie’s death and it is Sid is unable to accept the fact that it is Rolie died because of the Simar. Sid is busy insulring Simar and Simar is not able to reply them as Simar also herself know the fact that the Bharadwaj family is facing these difficulties because of her.

Sid stabs Simar! Sasural Simar Ka 13th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now the Rolie’s cremating has been done and now she is gone in her funeral pyre which makes the entire Bharadwaj family unhappy but Sid is saying that it is because of the Simar Rolie died. In short Sid is putting all the blames on her. Simar is crying on listening so and Prem is try to support her.

The Bharadwaj family and the Prem is trying to explain Sid that it is Rolie did not died because of the Simar, it was an accident and if you lost your wife then it is Simar too lost her sister and the Bharadwaj family is lost its Bahu. But all goes in vain as Sid is in no mood to listen anything.

Sid is now keep blaming Simar for everything and even it is Sid wants Simar to leave the Bharadwaj house and he also said that who wants to go with Simar he can go I won’t stop him and I don’t want to speak about Simar and I don’t want anybody to speaks about Simar.

So to make Sid cool it is Simar decides to leave the house and Prem was also raised his voice against Simar when he was saying wrong thing about Simar but Simar makes him stop. Prem said he will be also leaving the house with Simar but Simar make him explain that he he need to stay in the Bharadwaj family as the Bharadwaj family needs him.

Simar also said that she is going for the meanwhile, very soon she will be coming back and Sid gives his nod. But again Sid insulted Simar and said I will never forget the Rolie’s death and the reason of her death. Sid also said that he do not want to even forget the same.

And when now it is Simar is about to leave the house, it is Mata Jee said that she will be also leaving the house with Simar as she can’t stay without Simar and now both Simnar and Mata Jee is about to leave the Bharadwaj house.