Simar Leave House For Patali Devi: Sasural Simar Ka 24th january 2016 Written Updates

Simar Leave House For Patali Devi: Sasural Simar Ka 24th january 2016 Written Updates :- In the TV serial “Sasural Simar Ka” it has been shown last night that Prem makes Devika eat something as well Prem asked Devika to get up and make up fine. He also asked her to wear Red Chunni. Simar saw this all and get shocked and she also has been spotted by Prem. Prem calls her but she tries to escape.

Sasural Simar Ka patali devi

Sasural Simar Ka 24th january 2016 Written Updates

Prem and Devika follow her. Prem asked Simar to stop but Si mar is in no mood to listen anything. Simar goes towards stairs and Prem asks her to be careful. Prem asked her to stop but she dint listen anything.

Devika ask Prem to stop her as she still has of Gayatri’s powers in her. Simar goes in hall and finally stops there bursting in tears. Simar calls Prem a cheater and Simar also alleged Devika that she defeated her despite Simar always treated her as her own sister. Simar blames her fate and said this unfortunate always happens with her and breaks and Simar had been also shown angry.

Prem says that she will hurt herself while Devika warns her that if she doesn’t stop her anger will become uncontrollable. Simar says she won’t die and if anybody committed the sin then that person will be dying. Prem comes to stop her and Devika also asked Simar to listen. Simar says Prem is mine and Simar tries to hurt Devika but Prem stops her.

When Prem saved Devika from Simar, Simar said you are safeguarding Devika, but she will be dye. Simar try to hurt Devika again but Prem hold Devika and saved her. With this the angry Simar escapes to upstairs. Prem warns Devika of going near her as she is in anger and can harm her. Simar literally bang her head against the wall when Sid comes in and stops her and Slaps her.

Prem drags Simar in the temples and makes her recall that he promised in front of God that he belongs to her but about Simar said she don’t want to listen anything. In the Bharadwaaj house Mata Jee is shocked to know all that but Prem and Sidharth make sure to Mata Jee that everything will be fine.

Mata Jee said everything will be fine as with the Lohri all evil will be burnt off and Simar will be cure. But in the next episode of “Sasural Simar Ka” it will be shown that, Simar will be leaving the house surely as she is fed-up with the evil stuffs of Patali Devi.