Siya Ke Ram: Prashuram is angry with Ram 23th January 2016 Written Updates

Siya Ke Ram Prashuram is angry with Ram 23th January 2016 Written Updates :- In the TV mythological series “Siya Ke Ram” it have been shown that Ram arrives and he broke the Shiva Dhanush and kept it back on the platform, Kings asked questioning to Ram that the fact is that Ram was to put the Pratyancha (bow-string) and not break the Dhanush. “Swayamvar ki garima ka maan nahi rakha”- they said.

siya ke ram

Siya Ke Ram 23th January 2016 Written Updates

But Laxman find it wrong words for Ram and finally he lost his calm, took out the arrow and said they deserve to be punished, Laxman says that Ram is a respectful person and nobody have right to speak against Ram.

Janak takes responsibility to calm down Laxman and Laxmnan had been seen sober in front of Raja Dashratha. Dashratha says whatever Raghuvanshi’s do there is a reason behind, and he asks Ram to tell the reason behind breaking the Dhanush.

About it Ram says to Janak, ‘Respectful Janak, I Ram apologise for breaking the law of the Swayamvar. He said I don’t know that how I ended up breaking the Dhanush, but looking at Sabha, all kings started considering your daughter an award and took this Swayamvar as a battle. You were questioned on your dignity and your daughter’s dignity as well and for this mindset to come down this Dhanush needed to be broken. He talked about the equality between the relations. No father in the world would want his daughter to be treated like this”.

Now the kings says to Janak that is Ram declared as the winner, before Janak could say anything Ram interrupted and says as well he begs, Janak that whatever Janak’s decision be it should have Sita’s acceptance too.
Ram said touch-up words, “Sita is not bound to marry me, and it is her decision”.

Janak is very happy to listen to this all, and he is looking to have the right mate for Sita, only Ram is the person who could put the bow-string who is free of greed, anger, disparity, in fact, Shri Ram is the right ‘Var’ for my daughter Sita.
Janak says the Swayamvar for my daughter has been finally successful. The aim of it’s has been achieved. Janak asks Sita for her verdict, and Sita said that she is glad that there is a person who respects women and considers her a moral person rather than a commodity, Sita accept Ram as her husband and considered herself lucky to have Ram as her husband.

With permission of Maharishi Yagyavalkya and Vishwamitra, now Janak has starts the Sita Ka Swayamvar, Sita put Varnamala on to Ram. The two were showered with flowers and blessings.

Marriage should be done to the soonest on the right Mahurat, Janak said to Ram and Ram said he is ready for the marriage as per the rules of Swayamvar he has accepted the Varnmala, Ram also said that Ram wants to informed this whole affair of Sita Ka Swayamvar to his parents as no marriage should have been done without the blessings of elders. Janak agrees to the same.

Mandavi told to Sita that, “Your faith has become your destiny now there would be no trouble in your marriage”. But Prashuram is angry with Ram as Ram disrespected Lord Shiva, by breaking the Dhanush.