“Siya Ke Ram” Ravan Got Hurts As He Fail To Lift Shiva’s Bow In Swayamvar! 20 Jan 2016 Written Updates

“Siya Ke Ram” Ravan Got Hurts As He Fail To Lift Shiva’s Bow In Swayamvar! 20  Jan 2016 Written Updates :- In the mythological TV serial “Siya Ke Ram”, Sita’s Swayamvar took place in which Kings from all over the world participated on it. The all Kings were arriving in Mithila to participate in Sita’s Swayamvar mand they were sharing a common motives to marry Princes Sita. But Sita was very sure to marry her own dream-man who will be excel not only in the physical strength in fact, he should be powerful in his thought also.

Siya Ke Ram

Apart from having physical purity and King Ram is only suitable and eligible in these all qualities. King Janaka welcomes them all and make sure that they will love this Swayamver and appreciates. Now Ravan makes lavish entry, which is worthy enough to show his superiority and power.

After the arrival of the King Ravan, he witnesses the room properly and Ravan is ready to give competition to the other Kings. Now King Ravan offered prayer to the Lord Shiva, in the Janak’s palace. He is himself a big devotee of the Lord Shiva, so Ravan is very sure about it that he will be managed to lift the Dhanush.

Before starting the rituals of Syayamver, Ravan visited the prayer hall to behold the mighty bow of Shiva and informed the Lord to make him lift the bow during Sita’s self-choice.
Now the Swayamvar start in all its glory in a grand ceremony. Sita had been arrives there with mother, aunt and sisters. Sita was looking beautiful in her bridal get-up and she bows her head in front of Lord Shiva and folds her hands. She seeks blessings of everybody. Jananaka’s family seated in their seat.

One by one, every king get up to test their might by trying to lift the powerful bow. But no one proved worthy enough. King Janak and all Rajas had been seen disappointed; Ravan makes a grand entry to prove his worth. Now Ravan started boasting himself and speaks about himself and his capabilities by saying that he is not much interested in Sita, as every and each rights of the Ravan’s wife will be possessed by his favourite wife Mandodari.

But still Ravan wants to marry Sita. Sita feels insulted with the statement still she remained muted. Janak gets irritated with Ravan’s speech as also Janak shocked to see that Ravan is a proudly person.

So Janak said to Ravan that first Ravan needs to prove himself then he should speak about his glory. Ravan get offended and challenged with Janak’s sentence and he rush towards the bow and tries lifting it like a feather.

But Ravan gets shocked to see that he is unable to lift the Dhanush and he literally failed to do so, even after several attempts, Ravan fails in his attempt and feel ashamed of it. So people of the kingdom is started making fun of him.