“Siya Ke Ram”: Sita’s Swayemver Week To Take Place Jan 2016 Written Updates

“Siya Ke Ram”: Sita’s Swayemver Week To Take Place Jan 2016 Written Updates :- Tonight in the mythological TV series “Siya Ke Raam” Sita’s Swayemvar to take place in which Sita’s father Raja Janak yet to welcome deserving Prince and King in his kingdom and the most suitable guy will be blessed to marry Raja Janaka’s favorite daughter Sita.

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram Sita’s Swayemver Week Written Updates

Let’s have some glimpses of the last night episode in which it is showed, the Raja Janak welcoming King Raavan in Mithila. He is very happy that King Raavan accepted his invitation and Janaka reciprocates his feelings. About it King Raavan says Mithila is important to me. I’m having ability to win this place even by attacking on it. You are lucky that I come here after accepting your invitations and I’m arrive in the Swayemver of Princess Sita.

King Ravan also said that if I get chance to string the Dhanush, I’m literally able to do so. He said to the Raja Janaka that you don’t you know I m biggest Shiv Bhakt, and I’m blessed with the Lord Shiva’s blessings which makes me enough to lift the Dhanush, no one should be able to come around me. Ravan’s friend Malyavaan says no one is as powerful as Lankesh.

Raavan said after my arrival all princes go back to their province, as no one is able to compete with me. He says now that Dhanush is mine and I will be marrying your daughter Sita. Janak gets shocked. Now Raavan wants to visit Mahadev’s Divya Dhanush in private.

Sita don’t want to marry King Ravana and she knows the Swayemver is full of Prince but nobody is having power to defeats Ravan except Ram. Sita wants Ram to arrive but she is skeptical too. Sita’s sister Urmi is sure that Ram will come.

And it is blissful that in the Swayemver ceremony Ram arrives. Ram is an only person who can lift the Dhanush as to lift the Dhanush, apart from physical power, purity of hear is indeed needed. And Ram is worthy of it and he proved himself. Ram’s father Raja Dasharath was also sure about his son’s strength as he is Shishya (Student) of Vishwamitra and King Dashrath can’t be fishy about Vishwamitra’s capabilities.

King Janaka is also looking forward to know that finally who will be marrying his daughter Sita as the astrology says a very special person will be marry Sita and he is with Sita since her birth. Now Sunaina does Sita’s Arti, Sita arrives in her Swayemver.

Janak says I always think my is daughter so loving, he added every fathers just wish to keep their daughter forever. Sita asks when why do fathers give her to someone else and do her Bidaai. Janaka said this is done as the daughters are sent to their Sasural for their happiness. Those who don’t have daughters they are not blessed to do so.

Sita cries and hugs Raja Janaka. Sita says to her father that I’m ready now by your belief, I’m overwhelmed. And I’m lucky to be your daughter. Now Sunaina brings Sita for the Swayemver. Sita is ready for it.

In tonight episode it will be shown that, Sita’s Swayamvar has been starts. Siya Ram……….plays……
Sita and Ram walk to each other and exchange garlands.

So it is showing that Ram won the Swayemver as they exchanged the garlands’.