Snapdeal Employee Kidnapped Case Opened : Police 5 Arrested from Ghaziabad

Snapdeal Employee Kidnapped Case Opened : Police 5 Arrested  from Ghaziabad : Well, from a while there’s a news running in all the T.V and social media that a girl from Delhi kidnapped and came back safely house after the two days of Kidnapping and police is also surprised what that happen and that so this news become so big and now the kidnaper said that he was inspired by the Bollywood movie “Darr”.


Everybody is talking about this mysterious Kidnapping and surprised after knowing that what the actual reason of kidnapping was.           

The mastermind behind this incident arrested on Monday including three case of murder already in head he said that “he is in love with this girl (Dipti Sharma 24 year old employee of Snapdeal) and he took purchased two auto and planning from a long time to do this incident. He kidnaps her on an auto and then let her go after two days of kidnapping and didn’t hurt her.

And just after this incident everybody is started talking about the influence of Bollywood in our life and saying that movie is becoming so big influence for the fans and they want to do exactly like their actor do.

And also the cast and the producer of the movie like Juhi Chawala, SRK and Mahesh Bhatt already cleared that now please don’t blame Bollywood for this type of incidents.

According to the police the man (Devender) who Kidnapped Dipti was inspired from SRK Psychopath character in the movie Darr and he is not alone in these kidnapping he said that we are total 5 members who kidnapped her and then let her go.

Even Dipti also don’t want to files any complain against the Kidnapers because they didn’t hurt her and even gave her good food and then let her go.

But in my words if this is also a crime and they should all have to punish for this.