Special Trishakti Episode! Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th April 2016 Written Updates

In the yesterday night episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyaar Ki” it has been shown that it is Thapki and Shraddha managing the kids but Shraddha is being very annoying with the kids as the kids were giving her the troubles. In fact, the kids mess up all the stuffs in the home so Thapki asked the girls among the kids to help her in order to arrange the things.

Special Trishakti Episode! Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th April 2016 Written Updates

Shraddha is annoying with the kids but shocked to see that Thapki is managing the kids very easily and Thapki is also doesn’t getting angry. Bihaan comes and sees Thapki giving chocolates to kids. To add some humor with the kids Bihaan says take this phone and play game with it. Thapki denied but Bihaan insists and the girl by mistake throws the phone which makes Shradhda angry and she was about to slap the girl but Shraddha controls her anger.

Now Shraddha is shocked to see that Vasundhara’s behaviour with the kids is good. Shradhda says that Vasu mom always get to see me getting angry and now I am having a challenge by which I need to make Thapki angry and I have to full fill my challenge unless Vasu will be considering me the looser.

Now Thapki organised a game to play between the Thapki and the kids which is a tongue twister Shradhdha asked the girls to play with Thapki by asking her to saying that and when Thapki was unable to complete it. The girls now make fun of Thapki by calling her “Chhukh Chhukh Gadi”, Thapki became sad and Shraddha smiles to see Thapki is getting insulted. Now a perticuler kid steals the real gun which has been bring by Bihaan and Bihaan made a mistake he show the gun to the kids.

In the mean time, when the kids noticed that it is Thapki is crying with the words of the kids in order to make fun of the Thapki. Now the girls rush to the Thapki and said sorry to her. Coming to the points of Bihaan when Bihaan showed the real gun to the kids, Thapki asked him why you are teaching wrong things to the kids.

Now Bihaan is shocked to see that his real gun which is filling up with the real bullets is missing from his cupboard drawer, it is actually stolen by a kid as the kids thought it is toy. Bihaan shocked to see so and looking for the gun. Meanwhile, the girl keeps playing with the gun with her own shadow in order to shoot her.