Star Plus Siya Ke Ram 5th January 2016 Episode Details

Star Plus Siya Ke Ram 5th January 2016 Episode Details : The mythological TV series “Siya Ke Raam” last night episode starts with Mareecha coming to Tadaka. He cries and Ram makes him do her final rites. Mareecha falls in Ram’s feet. But Ram asks him to get up and Ram forgives Mareecha. Mareecha thanks him for giving him this chance. But Mareecha says that we commit mistakes’ in fact blunders so you can punish me for that. Ram says that I will punish you or not whether it will tell the time. But please let me be sure that you should not attack first. Vishwamitra says to Mareecha that we are expecting that you won’t spread terror in this jungle. Mareecha who decides to walk in right path promises them that he will not do any violence from today. Ram hugs him and smiles. Subahu looks on them and he shocked.

Star Plus Siya Ke Ram 5th January 2016 Episode Details

Star Plus Siya Ke Ram 5th January 2016 Episode

Now Mareecha asks Ram to be careful from Subahu, as Subahu will surely try to seek revenge from you Ram. Mareecha greets Tadaka’s funeral and leaves. Vishwamitra praises Ram. Laxman asks Ram can we go Ayodhya now.

But Ram is in no mood to back to Ayodha. Ram says to Laxman that that we should stay here now with the blessings of Raja Dasrath and we should protect our citizens from the Asuras. Laxman agrees with Ram’s words.

The next scene shows that Sita’s sisters talk to Sita about all the prince marrying many woman. About this Sita says I will wait for the man who is like my dad, who marries once and loves just one woman. She would be me. She says I have a solution, that’s my trust, I will trust my husband and he will be loyal with me.

Sita sits near the lake and recalls Ram. Unse lage mujhe………..plays. Sita plucks flowers and dances with her sisters. She goes to the temple and recalls Ram. Janak sees Sita when she was seen doing Aarti and Janaka had seen impress with Sita. Janaka is looking forward to have an ideal life partner for Sita.

Sita is an independent free spirit girl who wants to have an ideal life partner. She is very spiritual at the same time with an independent thought. Janaka wants to have an ideal life partner for Sita who will respect her and Janaka is not care about society.

Janaka says he will choose life partner for Sita on her own choice. Meanwhile, it had shown that Ram, Laxman and Vishwamitra see the broken ruined Ashram. Ram and Laxman rebuilt the Ashram. Vishwamitra says great, and praise them. Ram says we are lucky to do this. Suddenly some fire balls fall in the ashram and burn the place. Laxman tells Ram that Mareecha cheated them. Ram shocked to hear that.