Sunday 1 Hour Special Maha Episode Swaragini 8th November 2015 Show

Sunday 1 Hour Special Maha Episode Swaragini 8th November 2015 Show : In the TV serial “Swaragini” tonight there will be a special episode in which Ragini will be faint. She is deeply in love with Lakshay as we all know this and Lakshay is in love with Swara. Sanskar also love Swara. Last week we all watched “Swararagini” episode in which everybody including Swara, Ragini and Maheshwari all the bride performed Puja ceremony of the “Karwa Chauth” and resolved their “Vrat”.

Sunday 1 Hour Special Maha Episode Swaragini 8th November 2015 Show

Swaragini 8th Nov 2015 Episode

We already watched in the last week that the proximity between Swara and Sanskar was creating jealous in the Lakshay’s heart. Even Sanskar was also kept fast for Swara like the way she kept for him. He even feels weakness because of his fast.

This makes Lakshay more jealous. In the mean time during the “Karwa Chauth” ceremony both lads including Sanskar and Lakshay were staring on Swara. Ragini was literally, feeling jealous for it.
Tonight episode it will be witnessing that Lakshay will be confessing about his love for Swara in the front of her.

Last week also a fight took place between Sanskar and Lakshay for Swara, in which both brothers want Swara to be in their life. But Swara does not wants to be back in Lakshay ‘s life and she even doesn’t wants to stay with Sanskar, indeed Sanskar is and will be always her best friend anyway.

When Sanskar will be proposing Swara, obviously, Lakshay will be jealous and he will be angry on Sanskar. In the mean time Ragini will be getting faint tonight and probably the reason of that her health get down.

Anyway, the “Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo” star cast including Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor are also making grand appearance tonight or probably, he will be appearing tomorrow.

Anyways, don’t forget to catch tonight one hour special episode of the show “Swaragini” at 7:00 PM only on Colors TV!!!

  • aysha

    please reunite Lakshya and Swara. at least let there be one drama where lovers reunite without having to fall in love with someone else.