Superhit! Tamil Theri 6th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning Kamai

Superhit! Tamil Theri 6th Day Box Office Collection Total Earning Kamai : There’s no doubt that Vijay is the one of the most famous actors in Tollywood he proved that a lot of time and his fans proved that if his movie in the cinema than surely they going to watch it and just exactly that happens in the case of Theri people coming out to watch it in good numbers and that’s the reason why this movie braked a lot’s of records and one of those is this movie beat first four day collection of Bahubali and that was something out of the expectation.


Theri Movie Box Office Collection

Even people had extraordinary buzz for the movie and that’s why they coming out to watch the movie in good numbers sources saying that the movie collected more than 4 crore just from Chennai and that was amazing because if this news is true than the movie collected that much money just from 457 Shows and that was amazing.

Theri is amazing trip for the fans because movie has lot to say also Vijay is looking so cool in his acting and that is amazing probably this could be the best movie of his carrier because this movie gave him a lot and just in one week movie collected more than expectation and that is amazing.

First six days collection of the movie-

Movie has brilliant performance because of the directors and actors and maybe that is one of the good reason why this movie working so well. Theri movie collected more than 85 Crore from four days and that was amazing even this movie still running so good and collected good bucks for the makers.

Movie collected around more than 100 crore from one week and that is quite awesome also the movie going good in Telugu too and collected good bucks for the makers after the releasing.

I am sure that this movie going to make more than 200 Crore in upcoming days but that thing going to watchable right now we can only predict that but like the way people attracting towards the movie was so good in my words it’s amazing or you can say out of the box for the makers.

Just like other big movie this movie collecting good bucks for the makers from overseas and surely going to make record their too.