Surprises! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 12 Written Updates 1st May 2016 Hd Video

Surprises! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 12 Written Updates 1st May 2016 Hd Video :- The last night we witnessed another episode of the stunt-based reality show “Roadies X4”, where the panel judge members had been seen confused as they were tomorrow need to take an important decision for the team members and the participants’.

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It was one of the toughest decision the panel judge members need to take, and the show is the biggest reality show anyway of all time. The “Readies X4” till now completed 12 seasons and the 13th one is going on. After taking tough interviews judges found 20 perfect contestants for roadies’ journey.

Roadies x4 all episodes have been shot perfectly and even the participants’ face sad moments when contestant has to leave the show after elimination. In the Roadies X4 till know three participants’, leaved the show including, Rohan Pillai, Bharti and Mahamedhaa. This twist of the elimination shocked the audience and contestants but being Roadies X4, anything can happen there.

Now let’s talk about the task, the Roadies had in the last night episode and it was best performances the contestants’ delivered in the task. The yesterday task was that the one guy will come from his zone in the another guy zone and slap the another guy and then he will be going back to his own zone and the competition of the task held between two team as always.

In this task, it was Gaurav from Team Karan and Navdeesh from team Prince emerged as the winner and grabbed the immunity. So Bharti and Mahamedhaa voted out.

Tonight in the “Roadies X4”, will going to witness a shitty task and as per rule of the task, which contestant will be having more poop of elephant, then he or she will be going to have the immunity as the task is all about that.