Sushim Killed Ashoka! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 20th th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Sushim Killed Ashoka! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 20th th April 2016 Episode Written Update : The last night episode of the TV series “Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka” started with the Acharya RG asked to Sushim to surrender himself. Sushim also pledge that to make his mother free. Ashok sigh as Nicator said that he will be free Bindu and Dharma. Sushim also seek pardon to Bindu and said from now onward he is with himself and Dharma and he can’t lose them.


Ashoka now asked to the enemies that he is ready to get defeats and Bindu is unable to see atrocities with his Ashoka so Bindu closed his eyes. In the mean time, Sushim recalled Acharya and Ashoka’s words that by using his brain, he can save his family and kingdom. But suddenly, everybody shocked to see that Bindu said that I will be killing Ashoka on my own hands as it is Ashoka get my lineage down.

Dharma is shocked to see so and said that please Bindu please do not harm Ashoka. Now Sushim also said about this that now it is time to finish Daasi Putra’s life. Everybody is shocked to see so. This is actually something done by Bindu and Sushim in order to save Ashoka’s life. Now somehow Ashoka managed to free herself.

On the other hand, the enemies are busy fighting with the Shushim and now the enemies are about to throw Sushim, but it is Ashoka managed to save him.

Now Acharya and Dharma asked from Nayak to help Ashoka and his army in the war which he is fighting against Nicetor. Nayak said it will be Nayak’s good fate to help Ashoka. Meanwhile, somehow Nicecetor loses his sword and he is now standing helpless.

Now Ashoka gave Nicator his sword. And Ashoka said that a real fighter never attacked someone who had no weapon. Now Nicetor and Mir fought with each other and in the fight it is finally Sushim and Ashoka succeed in putting sword on the neck of the Nicetor and Mir and now Nicetor and Mir finally surrender.