Swara and Sujata are shocked! Swaragini 18th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last week episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with Annapurna asking Ragini to go as she said that Parineeta and Swara will do all the work. She asked Parineeta to mix the flour. But Swara tinks that Pareeta doesn’t want to do that and Swara did that. Swara senses Parineeta is upset. Annapurna asks Ragini to call Durga Prasad in the evening and swara already is fishy about Uttara that perhaps she is meeting with somebody but Swara did not get chance to asked so.

Swara and Sujata are shocked! Swaragini 18th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Now Durga Prasad asked to the Sujata and Annapurna that foreign delegates are coming for the lunch and we will offer them the best food ever and the food should be prepare on the home. The foreign delegates also want to meet with their wives so Durga Prasad said that Annapurna and Sujata must come in the office to meet with the abroad delegates.

Now Ragini rush towards her Baadi and Lakshay said that he be also going there in the Baadi along with Uttara and will be coming in the night. Now Swara prepared all the cuisine of the lunch and Sujata, Annapurna and Uttara help her. Pareenita is in no mood to do the work as she is now became insecure from the Ragini and Swara.
But still Pareenita did some works but managed to rush from the Maheshwari house, in order to let Swara to do all the households chores. But somehow Swara get to know that today is it is Durga Prasad’s birthday, so she planned a surprised birthday party for the Bade Papa along with Lakshay, Uttara and Ragini and also Swara asked Ragini to bring the cake.

Now when the Bade Papa makes his arrival in the Maheshwari house, he is happy to see his birthday celebration and blessed everybody. Bade Papa also praised Swara with his open arm and Swara is overwhelmed with the same. Pareenita became jealous on Swara now.

Now Pareenita decides to ruin Swara’s life and Swara is already being fishy about Pareenita as she catches Pareenita being discussing about that she wants to hold her status again with Adarsh. But now Swara left for Mumbai meanwhile, in order to help Simar as now Simar needs Swara’s help. So Swara left for Mumbai now and decides to solve the problems of the house later on.

Precap: Sujata tells Parineeta that her Pallu have fallen from her head. Parineeta says she didn’t want to use Pallu from now onwards and when Sujata asked her why she is doing so.

Pareenita said now nobody asked question ever to Swara then why me. Swara and Sujata are shocked to see this and now Pareenita left. Annapurna looked on.