Swara is kidnapped! Swaragini 27th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” started with that the everyone was angry on Parineeta and scolded her for her mistake. Sujata scolded her and said that it’s good that she can’t be a mother as she can’t take care of a child too. Adarsh also scolded her and take back the key from her.

Swara is kidnapped! Swaragini 27th April 2016 Episode Written Update

Now Sujata is angry on Uttara, even Sujata scolded Pareenita when Pareenita was there to support Uttara. Pareenita became angry with that, and Sujata also pushes Uttara and scolded her as she is having an affair with Rajat and her affair secret has been reveal in the entire Maheshwari family.

But when Swara managed to convinces Sujata and Bade Papa also gives nod to meet with Rajat, a meeting organised with Rajat of the Maheshwari family. Next morning, Rajat come in the house, where everybody had been seen impress with him. Rajat had been seen impressed everyone with his dashing style and he also make sure to the Bade Papa that he will be keeping Uttara happy for her life.

In the mean time, Ragini is shocked to see Rajat as the Uttara’s fiancée as it was Ragini who slap him for his bad behaviour with her Daadi Maa but when Rajat meet with Ragini, he did not speak about the even to anyone and he had been seen mute about the same. Now Ragini is having gult for the same as she hit the son in law of the Maheshwari family and she discussed about it to Lakshay.

Lakshay asked to the Ragini don’t think about it, and please do not keep guilt as you can reduce the guilt by preparing his favourite sweet dish on the day of engagement and I am sure when Rajat will taste the favourite dish of him prepared by you, which must be delicious he will be forget all. Ragini gives her nod, in the mean time, Sumi shares she is pregnant with Shekhar, Shekhar is happy but worry that Maa will not agree for the baby to come in the world.

Meanwhile, Swara is sceptical about Rajat and Swara also thinks that Rajat is not right person for Uttara. She also shares this with Sanskar in the midnight and Sanskar is shocked to hear so.

In the mean time, on tonight episode of the “Swaragini”, Dadi will be asking Sumi to abort the child and both Sumi and Shekhar will be shocked to hear so. Pareenita will be seen planning her next conspiracy against Swara and Ragini.