Swara is Stunned! Swaragini 14th April 2016 Written Updates Episode

Swara is Stunned! Swaragini 14th April 2016 Written Updates Episode :- In the last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” it has been shown that the Surekha is discussing with Annapurna that how her 2 daughter in law ruin her family and Surekha asked to the Annapurna, hope Pareenita is happy here in the Maheshwari house. Sujata and Annapurna praise Pareenita but Pareenita seems that, she is jealous of the Swara and Ragini.


Swaragini 14th April 2016 Written Updates

Pareenita hear this all and thinks that she won’t allow Swara and Ragini to rule her as she is the eldest daughter in law of the house and she will rulling the house. Pareenita just promised to herself. Now Surekha is going in her own home from the Maheshwari house. So now Pareenita hugs her, but even when Surekha was busy praising Swara and Ragini, Pareenita feels jealous.

Now in the next morning Durga Prasad asked to the Annapurna that the foreign delegates are coming so just organised food total Marwari food in the home and it would be perfect. Traditional Marwari cuisine the foreign delegates are yet to have and they wants to meet with our wives too. So Sujata and Annapurna you guys will must stay ready to meet with the foreign delegates.

Now Sujata and Annapurna had been seen planning the dinner preparations but Swara and Ragini said that the freeze is total empty, we need to buy the vegetables’. Annapurna asked Ragini to make a list and asked Pareeniti to bring it from market but Pareeniti said she is having pain in her legs, so she can’t go to the market. So Ragini went instead of her but Pareeniti also said she is having pain in her hands even.

So she will be doing the works but it will be taking loads of the time, now Swara said she will be doing the kitchen works and Uttara will be there for the help of the Swara. Now when everybody was busy in the kitchen, Ragini’s Dadi said that she wants to meet with Ragini. So now Summi call in the Maheshswari house.

Ragini don’t want to go in the Goradiya house, as there are so many works in the Maheshwari house but Annapurna insist her, so Ragini goes and Annapirna asked Pareeniti to mix the Aata but Pareeniti is in no mood to do so and looked. Swara is shocked now as she is working since morning and Pareeniti is doing nothing.