Swaragini: Fortune teller Said Ragini’s Life Is In Danger 24th January 2016 Written Updates

Swaragini: Fortune teller Said Ragini’s Life Is In Danger 24th January 2016 Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV serial “Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur” it has been shown that Swara asked some questions to Ragini about which Ragini puzzled to give answer. One of the popular TV series of the popular entertainment channel Colors TV “Swaragini” is having huge TRPS.


Swaragini 24th January 2016 Written Updates

With the highest viewership in India with an average rating of 7.6 stars the two sisters story “Swaragini” managed to do well at the small screen. Now Swara is in mission to prove Sanskar innocence.

Shekhar has allowed Sanskar a night to prove his innocence, or else Shekhar will take him to the police station. Dadi now wants to stay with Annapurna for the night. Annapurna said okay. Shekhar leaves to his room.

Swara tells Sujata not to worry and Sanskar will be set free soon. Annapurna wants to talk to Ragini and tells Dadi to call her in the room, Dadi called her… Now Swara arrived to drop Sumi, and on the way of going Swara embrace Sumi and Lakshay see them.

While talking with Swara, Sumi said that Sanskar did something wrong to Swara, but Swara keep saying that probably Sanskar committed mistakes’ but it is his past affair. But now Sanskar has been changed and Swara said that, Sanskar fill her Maang so now Swara should be loyal with Sanskar and should now take care of him.

Now Dadi get to know that Ragini wants to separate Swara and Sanskar about which Dadi slap Ragini and said she don’t know how to respect woman despite being woman. Dadi says you have put my head down with shame. Ragini says Swara and Sanskar are troubling her since they come home. She acts and says she will inform everyone. Dadi stops her and asks her to promise that she won’t do anything wrong in future.

Dadi takes an oath from Ragini that she won’t do anything wrong with Sanskar and Swara till now. Dadi also asks her to stay silent as everyone will misunderstand her. Ragini asks Dadi if you are with me. Dadi says I am with you always, as I know you are always right. Dadi makes Ragini beware that you did some mistakes and you should not repeat this in future.

Swara promised to prove Sanskar innocent anyway and Swara did that. And Swara also makes it’s cleared the Rasgini’s intentions that Ragini arrived with Sanskar thinking him Lakshay to proved Sanskar culprit and to break Sanskar and Swara’s marriage.

In tonight episode of “Swaragini” it will be shown that a fortune teller will be tell to Lakshay that Ragini’s life is in risk and very soon she will be dying.