“Swaragini”: Ragini’s Aunt Prove Swara Inauspicious 21st January 2016 Written Update

“Swaragini”: Ragini’s Aunt Prove Swara Inauspicious 21st January 2016 Written Update :- The last night episode of the TV serial “Swaragini” starts with Sanskar seeing blood falling on Swara’s hand and takes her to a side, as he thinks that now probably Jhumar will be falling down. It was shocking stuffs for everyone as it was the engagement party of Swara and Sanskar and they says this is not good for the sacred ceremony.


Swaragini 21st January 2016 Written Update

Ragini’s mausi (Soni Singh) wants to prove family members as Swara is inauspicious and not luck for Sankaar. Ragini’s mausi want stop Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage at any cost so she will hit Sanskaar proving to everyone that Swara is unlucky girl.
On the other hand, Sanskaar reaches to Swara’s house along with his family members.
Sanskaar impresses Swara’s family giving them rose. Swara’s father scolds Sanskaar for bringing gift only for Swara then Sanskaar gives one rose to everyone and wins their heart.
Both Swara and Sanskaar’s family have dinner together but Ragini’s mausi is plotting something big against them.

Now Lakshay asked them not to worry about this, and Lakshay went there in the place of Jhumar to finds out the truth. So Lakshay climbs up there on the near Jhumar with stairs and he shocked to find a dead bat from above the Jhumar (chandelier). Sujata says it is very inauspicious thing and faints. Ragini goes to bring water.

Urvashi said that it is a big inauspicious thing that there is a dead bat and its blood falling on bride’s clothes. Ragini asks Swara, how you will get engaged now? Shekhar says Swara and Sanskar’s engagement is cancelled for today, they will be engaged tomorrow and tomorrow we will be having party.

Annapurna says engagement will happen today itself. Dadi says we have to do Shuddi karan. Sujata says she is saying right, as we don’t know whose bad evil have fallen on Sanskar and Swara’s marital life. Annapurna takes Swara inside. Durga Prasad takes Sanskar. Eventually both Swara and Sanskar arrived after having shuddi karan. Lakshayt try to chee-up by taking their photo.

Ragini looks on. Urvashi tells Dadi that her jiji wants to convey something. Dadi asks Urvashi to calm down. In the second time also while exchanging ring Sanskar said that there is no ring in the box. Annapurna says it must be fallen again. Urvashi says that jiji is not happy with Sanskar and Swara’s marriage. Sujata says she is dead naa. Urvashi says her jiji didn’t get moksh and her soul is roaming round the earth.

There is no ring but Sanskar decides to put ring on Swara’s hand so he brings a mauli thread and prepare ring with that. Swara said for me this mauli thread ring is more important than any gold or diamond ring. So engagement had been done and Lakshay video all the stuffs.

Meanwhile, Lakshay is in a motive to take sign from Ragini is the property paper to get his property back. So Lakshay call her Malkin and Swara asked him, why you are calling me Malkin. Lakshay says everything is yours. So you are the Malkin.

So Lakshay gives a paper to Ragini and asked her to sign but Ragini did pranks with Lakshay which makes Lakshay angry and he leaved. She asks him not to call her malkin again and goes. But now Ragini will be in mission to improve her relationship with Lakshay.