Tamil Tharai Thappattai Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection |Review |Rating

Tamil Tharai Thappattai Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection |Review |Rating : The Tamil director Bala, is the acclaimed director of Tamil movie Industry who makes comeback with the creative movie “Tharai Thappattai” which is much awaited and the anticipated movie is. Expectations from the movie are huge as in one hand the film has been directed by Bala and on the other hand Sasikumar and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar are playing lead role in the movie.

Tamil Tharai Thappattai Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection |Review |Rating

Tharai Thappattai Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection

Tharai Thappattai film 1st day box office collection report is below and this is the total sum of first day. Tharai Thappattai film is going very well and all the fans of M. Sasikumar, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar are watching the movie repeatedly for their awesome performances.

1st Day Box Office Collection : Rs 4 crore (Early Estimate)

Tamil Tharai Thappattai Movie Review Rating

The film hit the theaters today, and it is now getting positive responses from all public as well from the critics.

“Tharai Thappattai” is a movie which is based on the life of Karakattam musicians and dancers in Tanjavur. This one is the regular Bala’s movies which will touch your heart and the emotions of human mind, in short it is not a typical commercial movie it is an art house movie instead.

Despite the “Tharai Thappattai” is a parallel movie audiences touted it entertaining. The film is totoaly based on the concept called talent hunt in which there is a team who is looking forward to have a musician. It will remind the culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu as the film literally showcased that.

The movie solely belongs to Bala. And he once again proved that he is a master in creativity of film making. This one is the genuine high quality movies with lots of the creative stuffs.

Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja’s music is another major highlight of the movie which proved spellbound for the audiences.

Everybody performed well in the movie including Sasikumar, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Sathish and R K Suresh but indeed Varalaxmi steals the show, who pulled out a realistic performance. Literally she is a skill to the Kollywood.

Positive points of “Tharai Thappattai”:

Huge critical acclaimed.

High buzz, publicity, hype and promotion.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar performed up to the mark.

Negative points of “Tharrai Thappattai”:

It is not a typical commercial movie.

The subject of the movie is partially based on parallel subject.

Final Verdict : “Tharai Thappattai” is a genuine good film for genuine movie buff. Audiences will be touched from their core of heart if they watched it.

Dekhnews.com, gives 3 stars of rating to Tharrai Thappattai movie.

Tharrai Thappattai Film Details

Film: “Tharrai Thappattai”
Director: Bala
Producer: M. Sasikumar, Bala
Writer: Bala
Starring: M. Sasikumar, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography: Chezhiyan
Editor: G. Sasikumar
Production company: B Studio
Distributer: Ayngaran International
Release dates: January 14, 2016
Language: Tamil
Rating: 3/5 ***