{Tamil} Visaranai Movie Review & Ratings | Box Office Collection

{Tamil} Visaranai Movie Review & Ratings | Box Office Collection : A big round of applause for our director and writer of the film “Visarania” who stands before the system of our government and who dares to make a film like this which questions our inner self that Is this what we call it a Democratic Government ???? A government which is full of corruption, wickedness of police and their cruelty towards ordinary people.


‘Visarania’ a Tamil movie revolves around the story of a boy ‘Pandi’ who earns his bread by working in a departmental store and at night makes park his home. He stays their with all his friends . Pandi falls for a girl named Shanthi who works as housekeeper in a Police officer’s house. Pandi wanted to confess everything he was having in his heart to Shanthi. All of a sudden their destiny took a twist in  their life and threw them to  police station forced to admit for a robbery. What happens that police catches them?? What have they done?

This is not a violent movie but a movie which makes us think twice that ‘Is this a world we are dreaming of’????

The story of the movie has been taken from a Novel ‘LOCK UP’ describing the unacceptable realities of life which one has to accept.

The movie hits the theaters and has touched the hearts of many people till now.

No doubt it is blockbuster with 3.5 ratings out of 5, given by Tamil Cinema news.

Positive points : 

In spite of handling a blood-curdling script, Vetrimaaran has managed to stay away from gratuitous gore which has worked in favour of Visaranai. The film is hard-hitting and gritty, that makes it an impactful watch.

Negatives Points : 

There are hardly any negatives in this film to speak of.