Tanu Gets Shocked & Tensed! Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2016 Written Updates

Tanu Gets Shocked & Tensed! Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2016 Written Updates :- The Episode begins with Raj setting off to his room in stun. Everybody wonder why Raj is carrying on thusly. Pragya points the finger at herself and supposes she shouldn’t have educated Raj regarding Mitali’s truth. Purab says my life is demolished due to me, and requests that her not point the finger at herself. Pragya feels terrible about Raj’s children and supposes she haven’t done right. Dadi says Pragya is correct and says we ought to end Tanu’s part quick. She says Raj was gotten effectively, however it was difficult to get Tanu.

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 29th January 2016 Written Updates

Pragya says I don’t know why Tanu haven’t come there. Purab says she was taking you daintily and requests that her make her trust that she knows her truth. Pragya says what to do. Purab says evidence will achieve Tanu now. Dadi asks what? Purab says I got couple of things in Tanu’s auto, and says she need to demonstrat to it to Tanu making her conviction that she knows her truth.

Abhi is in his room and contemplates Raj’s allegations and hatredness. Pragya comes there and requests that he sit. She requests that he impart his sentiments to him. Abhi inquires as to why his family consider him wrongly and asks am I truly terrible? Pragya says you are so great, and this family can never get a decent child or sibling like you.

She requests that he see that Dadi and others cherish him. Abhi says you can call police and get Raj captured. Pragya says it is not required as Raj is being rebuffed. She says truth will likewise turns out.

Raj goes to his room. Mitali requests that he sit and converse with her. She acknowledges to have done a major slip-up and apologizes to him. She says your hush is taking my life and requests that he talk up and take out his outrage on her. She says you realize that I adore you… ..Raj says who am I? I am a killer.

Mitali embraces him cryingly and says I am in charge of this. I am awful. You haven’t done anything incorrectly. She cries. Tai ji, Taya ji and others thump on the entryway. Tanu hears quietly. She ponders what is going on? Mitali supposes what to do now? She supposes in the event that they come to realize that, then don’t recognize what they will do with me.

Leela (of Tashan E Ishq) is asking in the Gurudwara. Sarla inquires as to why she is crying and requests that her talk her heart out. Leela says her life’s shut sections is opened once more. She tells about her issue. Sarla tells about her two little girls. She says one is dead and other one is dead for her.

She requests that her call her little girl Twinkle and converse with her. Leela says Twinkle is furious and won’t converse with me. Sarla demands and says one mum will get her little girl atleast. Leela says thanks to her for her important exhortation.

Mitali requests that Raj not stress and says she will fare thee well. She opens the entryway. Taya ji and Tai ji address her. Mitali says Raj is drained and have rested. She requests that Tai ji not irritate him. Dasi says we were concerned for him. Mitali says Abhi didn’t say him anything. Tai ji says she need to see Raj.

Mitali irately stops her. Tai ji says there is something incorrectly. Mitali folds her hands and requests that they take off. Dasi says you are concealing something from us. Pragya comes and says there were some misconception in the middle of Abhi and Raj which is cleared at this point. Tai ji says Mitali have made an issue out of nothing and raised her BP. Mitali takes a moan of alleviation. Tanu asks why Pragya is lying.

Abhi comes to Dadi and says he couldn’t rest. Dadi requests that he sit and offers to back rub his head. Abhi inquires as to whether he has done wrong for not accepting on Raj some time recently. Dadi says you have not done any error. Abhi says my family is narrowing and each one is turning into my foe. He lays his head on her lap. He says Raj said right that I am at flaw.

Dadi says you haven’t done any misstep and requests that him not feel miserable considering others. She says you have dependably strolled on the right way and requests that he continue strolling on it. Abhi says I need to wed Tanu soon. I have as of now conversed with Sarla and got her favors. He says he will wed Tanu in 2 days. Dadi gets tensed. He says he need to get satisfaction the house. He says he will wed Tanu in court furtively and after that everybody will acknowledge his marriage including Pragya. Dadi is stunned. Abhi requests that her sing lori which she used to sing in his adolescence. Dadi says OK. She sings lori