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Ajaz Khan Telugu Love Day Pyaar Ka Din Movie Review | Rating | Hit Or Flop :- Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din, is a forthcoming Bollywood comic drama film produced and coordinated by Harish Kotian and Sandeep Choudhary. The film Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din featuring Ajaz Khan, and Sahil Anand, also Harsh Naagar, and Shalu Singh, Anant Mahadevan with Vaibhav Mathur in lead and crucial parts.


While, Sumesh Himanshu, Sagar Sarkar, Raina Sawan, Vishnu Narayan formed fabulous music for this film, Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din. The film all set for overall discharge on 14th October itself, however, because of some inside matters, film discharge date got deferred to 21st October.

Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din Review and Rating also Storyline, Public Talk :


Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din Movie Rating : 3.0/5.0
Director’s : Harish Kotian, Sandeep Choudhary

Producer : Baldev Singh Bedi

Written by : Harish Kotian and Sandeep Choudhary

Starring : Ajaz Khan, Harsh Naagar, Sahil Anand, and Anant Mahadevan, Shalu Singh, Vaibhav Mathur

Music : Sumesh Himanshu, Sagar Sarkar, Raina Sawan, Vishnu Narayan

Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din Movie Storyline :

Sandy (Sahil Anand) additionally Harry (Harsh Nagar) are youth companions whose brilliant days are demolished or made exceptional, contingent upon how you see it when Monty (Ajaz Khan) turns into their companion.

He fills their basic lives with a large group of indecencies. Their folks need them to avoid Monty, however, the team can’t do as such. At whatever point Monty comes in the casing, inconvenience is not far away.

At last, Monty vanishes for five long years, and Sandy and Harry go ahead to wind up significant washouts. Sandy is frantically enamored with a trying performing artist Saheba (Shaloo Singh), while Harry is an unemployed spouse who ransacks transform from his better half’s tote.

Tired of being unemployed, Sandy and Harry now need to make a film on their “amazing” life, yet don’t have any cash. In bounced Monty with a plan to make crores and fund the flick. Thus Sandy, Harry, Saheba and Monty alongside his dad-in-law take a street outing to Himachal to empower the plan.

Ajaz Khan’s character should be a sweet maverick, however, the over-the-top acting he enjoys has him seemed to be chafing, not charming. Given the name of the film.

The diversion is relied upon to be lowbrow, yet it just hits an untouched low. Average Ajaz Khan exchanges are all there, yet you’ve heard every one of them at this point, so no point.

Sahil Anand of Roadies popularity is better as the storyteller and Harsh Nagar’s really young looking spouse act gets a couple laughs. Shaloo Singh gains more than she acts, and her part is limited to being the notorious pretty face.

The peak is a let-down, as the creators attempt and utilize a considerable measure of turns in a solitary story and go for a genuine pointless excess.