Thapki is tensed! Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyaar Ki” starts with everyone praying. Thapki’s dress’ back zip starts opening. Shraddha smiles to see that Thapki will be getting embracing now. Bihaan sees the zip opening and covers Thapki with her a Dupatta.

Thapki is tensed! Thapki Pyaar Ki 11th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shraddha got shocked on seeing so. And now Vasu is shocked to see that why Bihaan is holding Thapki. Dadi and Dada Jee became so happy to see this and Shraddha says to the Vasu it is so as now Bihaan is became close to the Thapki. Vasu fumes on anger and looked angrily. And Shraddha says to Vasu that leave Thapki, I am having a good news to shares with you and Shradhdha comes and says to Vasu that Dhruv and I have consummated our marriage. Vasundara blesses her and tell to her that I told you na I am always right. I am smart enough.

Now Shradhda taunts Vasu by saying if you are smart enough then why you are losing to the Thapki. Vasu says very soon I will be pushing Thapki like the way she never had and it will be giving her huge trauma. Now Thapki is get to know that her zip is open of her dress and push beyond the scene and says I am very sorry but I have to leave the Puja.

Now the senior officer come here to see the special grains as here is something special grains has been kept in the house and we need to find that. Shraddha says no worry I will be find it but Vasu says it is not so easy to find those special grains as on that grains it is Jai Mata Di has been written and I mixed plane grains on that.

Shraddha says so it is a fine idea to insult Thapki as Thapki is thinking of herself over smart and when we will be giving her the task to search the special grains she will be confused. Vasundhara says best idea to insult Thapki and we will be doing that by giving her this task. Shraddha smiles.