Thapki Now Know Shraddha’s Fake Pregnancy Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st April 2016 Episode Written Update

Thapki Now Know Shraddha’s Fake Pregnancy Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st April 2016 Episode Written Update :- The last episode of the TV series “Thapki Pyaar Ki” starts with Shraddha thanking doctor for lying to her family that she is pregnant. She also pay money to him, now Shradhda also recalled the night when she supposed that she slept with Dhruv, but actually anything happened like that.

Thapki Pyar Ki colors tv

Now Shraddha said that Maa will also believe me as she is having blind faith these days on everybody. Aditi and Diwakar are very happy with the news and Poonam said we need to act like good. Now Thapki rushes to read newspaper and said she did not read this in the morning.

Thapki Pyaar Ki 21st April 2016 Episode Written Update

O ranjhana….plays………. and Thapki try to cope up her problems with Bihaan but Bihaan shouted at her and eventually she had an eye lock with Bihaan. Now Vasuandhara arrived and Vasundara asks Bihaan why he is behaving badly with Thapki. Bihaan said I want to read the newspaper but Thapki is not giving it to me. Vasu says let her read first, as she is your wife listen to her and respect her.

Bihaan says Maa you know Thapki did all this to know marriage truth. Vasundara says she did right, if she did not do this, I would have not known her truth, just forget what happened as whenever Thapki did anything she did for right. Now Bihaan thinks about the Shraddha’s words that Thapki is always here to cheat on me.

Now Vasundhara said she is very happy that Shraddha is going to be mother, and also she blessed Shraddha, Vasu says this is 9th months test and these 9 months you need to stay awake and beware. Firstly you need to take care of your health properly and do not you can do danced and all that. Vasu said these to Shraddha as Vasu caught her Dancing.
Also Dadi said to the Shraddha now that you can’t eat junk food and you can’t watch movies now.

You will only see devotional movies and you will only listen Bhajan as good thing will be giving positive effect to the kid. You can’t even eat Till Laddooss and Suman throw these all.

Now when Sharaddha was alone in the kitchen she have Till Laddooss box to have it and Thapki is shocked to see so. Shradhda also said I can’t consume Phikha Khaana which actually prepares by the Budiya (Old Woman). Thapki is shocked to see so.