Threat Calls To BCCI Of Rs 100 Crore Links To Dawood

Threat Calls To BCCI Of Rs 100 Crore Links To Dawood : It has been some serious speculations about senior BCCI functionary receiving threat calls and emails from unknown people  from the last few weeks.The people are rumored to be the members of Dawood ibrahim’s gang and they are demanding 100 crore as protection money.Although, two suspects were caught from Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, while the interrogation is going on with some serious custody.

BCCI gets threat calls

Threat Calls To BCCI Of Rs 100 Crore Links To Dawood

Fateh and Shaikh are the names behind this threat calls. The whole matter was tracked by investigating the whole matter by Delhi police. Email IDs and phone numbers were monitored by the police & ultimately the duo confessed that they were members of D-Company. Primarily, the agencies were approached by the BCCI official as this threat calls include India’s most wanted.

The background of this suspects is small-time genuine businessmen from Nellore. It is further known that they used varieties of SIM cards for the threat calls to the senior most dignitaries of BCCI. The Delhi Police is still desperate to make some more links between the threat calls & D-Company as this may lead them to Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim.The duo also warned the senior administration that he will be facing dangerous consequences if their demands are not met. Moreover, it was found from the interrogation that Fateh and Shaikh knew each other from the first and both played equal part in making the calls. This was an interesting link for officials to doubt that there can be few more like this duo.

“The suspects made the repeated calls at odd and random hours to BCCI functionary in order to make it look real cum serious,” the agency claimed.

“100 crore is a lot of money and the suspects ought to have huge back up with them,” the official added. The Indian secret agencies are reportedly stalling all the possible routes of D-Company i.e. Financial and Business relations; so that it  can be halted. The Enforcement Directorate are putting their best efforts to crack the case keeping in mind the feeble points of two suspects.

The agency team had instantly rushed to Andhra Pradesh to increase the functionary’s  security for their protection and to have a deep analysis over the case.

Threat calls links Dawood

The connection between BCCI and D-Gang seems very odd though it looked like some prank calls but since the suspects confessed their crime, now BCCI will have to wait for more information. The calls seems to be the motive to threat and leave the mark of D-power because there are several reasons behind it. The Modi government has already increased pressure on them, National Security advisor Ajit Doval is very strict to take action against Dawood and his associates involved (living in India and Neighbouring Countries).


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