Today Episode! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th April 2016 Written Updates

The yesterday night episode of the TV soap “Ishq Ka Rang Safed” starts with Viplav embraced Dhaani and says our plan worked. He says we have to do acting in front of all, and we will now have to fight with each other. Viplav says in order to expose Raja, we need to plan our next step. Dhaani asked to him, what we will be doing now.

Today Episode! Ishq Ka Rang Safed 15th April 2016 Written Updates

Kanak is very happy to see their fight and Dashrath is worry for him. Now Sushma to bring tea for him and asked to him why he is fighting with Dhaani. Viplav says she insults my mom. Viplav said to Sushma that I wed her but she is no showing attitude to my mum. This is not right.

Now I want to take responsibility of my family and the Tripathi house, this is something which I never did before till now. But Dashrath explain him that to take the responsibity of the house, you should not spoil your relationship with Dhaani. Now Dhaani rush to the kitchen in order to distribute the Prasad. Now Dashrath try to speak with Viplav and Viplav says okay but I will stay strict to the Dhaani.

Now Kanak is very excited to to Dhaani’s fight with Viplav and she shares her joy with the Badi Amma and Dulaari. Badi Amma and Dulaari both are shocked to hear so. Now on the other hands, Raja mix medicine in the Laddooss as when Shalu will be eat it, she will be unconscious and Raja’s motives is to sleep with her.

But when Dhaani sees the Laddooss, she became fishy on that and thinks perhaps Raja mix something on it as Dhaani is also aware of the Raja’s motive which is to spent night with Shalu. So now in the kitchen Dhaani throws that Laddooss and kept there good Laddooss which can be easily consume by the Shalu.

Precap: Raja’s dad comes home. Raja asks what is he doing here and Viplav see this and thinks that why this drunkard man is talking with Raja!!!