Today PM Narendra Modi Live Speech Video Announcements Deals In UAE Dubai Stadium

Today PM Narendra Modi Live Speech Video Announcements Deals In UAE Dubai Stadium : PM Modi’s two-day visit to Abu Dhabi is the first by an Indian Prime Minister since Indira Gandhi’s trip in 1981. PM Narendra Modi on Monday i.e today addressed the Indian diaspora at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. More than 50,000 Indian expatriates had registered for ‘Marhaba Namo’ — a grand public reception held for the visiting Prime Minister. Now below get complete details of Today PM Narendra Modi Live Speech In UAE Dubai Stadium.

Today PM Narendra Modi Live Speech Video Announcements Deals In UAE Dubai Stadium

PM Modi Live Speech Announcements Deals In UAE Dubai Stadium

10:30 pm: PM Narendra Modi concludes his speech.

10:25 pm: Govt. of India has launched an e-migrate portal named ‘Madad’ to address your grievances: Modi

10:19 pm: We work, not with arrogance of being big but we work shoulder to shoulder with everyone towards development: Modi

10:16 pm: Our effort has been to take India to new heights of progress and maintain strong friendship with our neighbouring countries: Modi

10:14 pm: Good Taliban, Bad Taliban…Good Terror, Bad Terror…this wont work. A decision has to be taken. Are you with terrorism or with humanity: Modi

10:09 pm: All those who are on the path of violence should shun it and come to the national mainstream. Violence will do no good to anybody: Modi

10:08 pm: Time has come for a decisive fight against terrorism, says Modi

10:07 pm: World has to decide whether they are with those sponsoring terrorism or against it: Modi

10:02 pm: World needs to unite and fight against terrorism: Modi

9:57 pm: We have been victims of terrorism for 40 years. Innocent people have lost their lives: PM

9:57 pm: When there are efforts towards Skill Development, Digital India then it is natural for the world to come to India: PM

9:54 pm: We started ‘Make in India’. We are asking the world to come and make in India…there are many opportunities: PM

9:53 pm: The Crown Prince supports India’s position on terror: Modi

9:52 pm: The way the world is seeing India has changed. And what is the reason — the reason is the 125 crore people of India: Modi

9:50 pm: Those who perpetrate terror must get a message: Modi

9:46 pm: Those who indulge in terror must be punished and this is the message that has resonated from here today: Modi

9:45 pm: Mr. Modi asks the gathering to give a standing ovation to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

9:44 pm: Extremely grateful to Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Emirates and the UAE rulers, says PM Modi

9:38 pm: Dubai is not only mini India, it is mini world: Modi

9:37 pm: There are 700 flights between India and Dubai but it took 34 years for an Indian PM to come here: Modi

9:31 pm: People from Kerala are there in large numbers. And I am specially talking about them due to the New Year festival today: Modi

9:29 pm: Imagine the strength shown, the magnetic power that has drawn the world here: Modi

9:26 pm: Responding to Atalji‘s call, the role played by those working in the Gulf was exemplary: Modi

9:25 pm: Sanctions were put on India. That time, Vajpayeeji had asked Indians all over the world to help the nation: Modi

9:24 pm: When Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji was he PM, India had conducted nuclear tests and the world was shocked. Many were even angry: PM

9:23 pm: You are those people who have worked hard and are working here for many years. At the same time you are enhancing India’s pride: Modi

9:22 pm: I’m seeing a mini India before me: Modi

9:21 pm: Modi begins his speech with ‘Bharat mata ki Jai’

9:20 pm: Modi arrives at the venue.

Source : The Hindu

PM Modi said, “India is a land of many opportunities. 125 crore people of India are not a market, but they are a source of great strength.”

PM Modi added, “Infrastructure development and real estate offer tremendous opportunities for UAE businesses in India. We have got legacy problems; priority to kickstart things that were stalled due to indecisiveness, lethargy of past governments.”

PM Modi also said that there is an immediate potential for US$ 1 trillion investment in India and country has got a decisive and stable government.


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