Today Stunt! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 8 10th April 2016 Written Updates Video

Today Stunt! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 8 10th April 2016 Written Updates Video :- After a mind blowing task played by the participants of the Roadies X4 it is showcased in the last night episode that it is the player Sushil Kumar leaved the stunt based reality show Roadies because of his Olympic games, so eventually he became gang of the leader for the last night episode.

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MTV Roadies X4 10th April 2016 Written Updates

It is actually 2 gang bifurcated between the players of the Roadies X4 in order to play the stunts in the show and the participants’ were very happy to have their mentor as their gang leader.

It is in the task unfortunately the Sushil Kumar’s team has been defeated and the Karan Kundra’s team received the immunity. Undoubtedly it is the stunt based reality show Roadies X4 brings some new task which has been having lime light since the show has been started. And last night some amazing tasks the players received, in order to solve it and the tasks were the brainy ones.

It was in the Roadies x4 Journey they received second task which, where the contestant had to solve a mathematical question and in the end Rubal won the task as well he received immunity. There is no doubt the gang of Ranvijay like as usual perform well but in the end the Karan Kundra’s team stole the show completely.
The other contestants’ were seen doing planning and plotting in order to defeats the Roadies X4 participants’ but their planning and plotting do not affect the other players and the stunt based game.

It was Ocean, Rohan and Hipsa got the maximum number of votes because they had become the target of gangs as they were busy playing mind game rather than the stunts and they received this allegation from their team members, although the threesome had been denied of the receiving any allegations.

It is Ranvijay has been shown last night losing his cool on Hipsa in order to scold her as it was Hipsa supporting the other team member. Now Rohan and Neha got emotional but managed their emotion gradually. Anyway, MTV Roadies X4 is a biggest stunt based reality to show ever and don’t forget to catch the tonight episode in order to witness something interesting.