Today Swaragini 13th January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Today Swaragini 13th January 2016 Episode Written Updates : The last night episode of the TV serial “Swragini” starts with Swara running to Sanskar and hugging him after his engagement with Kavita. Everyone get shocked. Kavita looks shocked too. Suddenly next scene shows Swara open her eyes this was her dream nothing else. Now Sujata asks Kavita to take everyone’s blessings. Kavita takes everyone’s blessings. Sumi is worry for her daughter Swara as Swara had seen crying and asks if she is fine. Swara leaves the spot and doesn’t reply her mom. Swara asked to Sumi that we will talk about it later in home. Sanskar and Swara both notices Swara’s pain but Swara leave the party before that she hold Kavita’s hand and give it in the Sanskar’s hand.

Today Swaragini 13th January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Swaragini 13th January 2016 Episode Written Updates

Swara blessed them to be together forever. She runs on the road and comes to Baadi and Swara weeps. She rests on her bed and cries. She finds someone throwing paper ball inside the room. She reads it and comes to window Swara surprised to see he is Sanskar.

Everybody taunts Swara as divorced women’s life is almost ruining in front of Sumi and Shekhar. Especially Urvashi, sad Swara wanted to seek apology from her parents but her parents believed that it is not Swara’s mistake.

Meanwhile, Kavita who is in jolly mood asked Sanskar to sing a song for her but Sanskar pass this to Swara, about which Swara said she can’t sing as Sanskar said that Swara can’t remember lyrics. Suddenly Urvashi screams and says that Jiji is not happy and that’s why her photos had fallen. She says her soul is restless. Shekhar says may be some window might be open. Urvashi wants to know that why only Janki’s photo frame is broken and why not others.

Urvashi says my Jiji’s soul is not happy. Suddenly thunderstorms’ happen and Urvashi is keen to know the fact. In tonight episode it will be shown that Sanskar sees the pillar about to fall on Swara but Sanskar rush to save her. Kavita looks on shocked. Swara says I love you…and also Sanskar said that he wants to marry Swara and he embraces Swara.

It will be also shown tonight that Laksh asks Ragini to wear “Maang Tika” like before. Now Ragini will be getting touched and emotional…