Today Swaragini 4th January 2016 Episode Details

Today Swaragini 4th January 2016 Episode Details : The last night episode of the TV serial “Swaragini” starts with Swara telling everyone that Durga Prasad is an innocent and that girl is alive. The next scene shows that the girl comes down from the palanquin and reveals her face. Everyone is shocked. Swara tells to Ragini that her ruling is over now. She was Kavita who walks inside. Dadi and Ragini are shocked and feel bad to see that they defets. When Swara call Kaveri to clears the things. Kavita said about this that Durga Prasad uncle didn’t kill me; it was Kaveri’s misunderstanding. She says some goons had attacked me, and left me in an injured state.

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Swaragini 4th January 2016 Episode

Durga Prasad uncle came to her help me but Kaveri took his photo and blackmailed him, even though she knew that I was alive. Kavita says she was in coma, and when she gained consciousness she comes to know that she is in the hospital. Kavita further stated that I am sad to say that I am her daughter. Sanskar comes. Swara says Sanskar…….Kavita recalls their romantic moments and rush to hug Sanskar before Swara reaches him. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar is also shocked and says Kavita…….

Swara said everything to Sanskar. Sanskar looks at her mangalsutra which she is holding in her hand. Kavita thanks Swara for uniting her with her love Sanskar. Everyone is shocked. Kavita discuss about her love with Sanskar. Kavita added that I’m Bengali and Sanskar is Marwari so our love face problems and my mother Kaveri keep blackmailing me.

Durga Prasad didn’t send goons in fact my own mother Kaveri did so to destroy my love. It is Sanskar’s love because of that I’m alive today. Durga Prasad came and seeks forgiveness from Sanskar and Kavita. Sumi coems near Swara and wipes her tears.

Now police arrive to arrest Durga Prasad but it is police need to arrest Kaveri as Kaveri is the culprit and blackmailing is the crime. But Kaveri wants Ragini and Dadi to get arrested as they also deed crime but Annapurna says to police that they will solve it as it is within families’ problem. Lakshay asked to police to arrest Kaveri.

Anger Kaveri now try to kill Ragini but Ragini shocked to see that Lakshay come and save her about this Sumi says to Ragini that hope your eyes get open now. Your family saves you despite you torture them a lot.

Now Sumi asks Swara to come home. Swara thanks Kavita for proving Bade Papa innocent and going against her mom. Kavita asked to Swara that why you did everything to this family despite being a stranger to them. Sanskar replied that Swara is not stranger, she is wife….Kavita is shocked and looks at Swara. Swara gets teary eyes.

In tonight episode it will be shown that Swara tells Durga Prasad that Kavita is Sanskar’s first love and she leaves the decision on Sanskar to choose her or Kavita. Now it is Sanskar to take decision.