Today’s Epic Episode! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 13 Written Updates 7th May 2016 Hd Video

Last week another episode of the Roadies X4 went and ends but the episode of the last week went through, toughest and the decision were taken, As we all know roadies is the biggest reality show of India which has completed 12 seasons and this is one 13th season of the show.

Today's Epic Episode! MTV Roadies X4 Episode 13 Written Updates 7th May 2016 Hd Video

The stunt based reality show, Roadies x4 all episodes are going wonderfully but also some emotional as well sad moments in the show make us cried when the participants’ had to leave the show. Last week, we witnessed in the Roadies X4 that, Rohan Pillai, Bharti and Mahamedhaa left the show.

This twist of two elimination shocked the audience and contestants too but its roadies anything can happen here. Last week, the participants’ performed the task, in which they slap the each other’s contestants’ and they must be from the opposite team.

Another task happens where Karan and Prince perform together and also their 2 teams, performed with each other. It was Navdeesh who come from the team of Prince and Navdesh performed the task up to the mark. And eventually, Bharti and Mahamedhaa voted out.

Tonight in the stunt based reality show Roadies X4, it will be a shitty task in which participants’ from the both going to perform the task and task is that the participants’ of the teams will have to apply the elephant poop on their whole body part, in order to protect themselves from being getting evicted.

The participant who is going to apply the poop of the elephant on their whole body part properly, he will be emerging as the winner and he will be going to have immunity for this week.

So now it would be Interesting to see which Gang will win this Shitty task. We are sure you guys are waiting for tonight episode of Roadies X4 which is going to be awesome as every week, Roadies X4 is proved to be the perfect stunt based reality show which is indeed entertaining. Stay tuned for the more updates of the stunt-based reality show Roadies X4.